Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yes, This is What I Believe

So, someone I care about contacted me recently about my blog and asked if what she read on here is really what I believe.

My answer,"yes, I don't put anything on here that is not true for me.

Her response was she was shocked.  I don't know if it changed how she feels about me, but I still care about her and that is all I can control in life is how I respond and react, not how other people do.

We all have different beliefs, values, spiritual practices, you name it.  I love that about the human race.  That we are all so different.

Read my blog, read way back.  I love my husband.  I love my family, but there is a part of me that wants to and will experience more.  And I do not feel that God would want it any other way.  IMO, that is why he/she put us here, to experience life.  Well, baby, I am here to tell you I have a ton more I still want to experience, and it will not all be with just my husband, or my family.  I love life and there are people in my life I love deeply, some women, and they are my sisters, some men who are very important to my happiness on a daily basis.  I don't want a divorce to go be with these men.  I love my husband and my family.  We are not perfect...and our love has changed through the years, but we do still love each other and we will raise this family together and grow old together, having amazing life experiences.  I will however have my other special relationships and I will not apologize for them as I do not believe that we were meant to love only one person for eternity.

I believe you can have a soul connection with many people and I do.  Sadly one of my sisters does not get this either, but that is because we are both in different phases of our spiritual growth.  I have worked really hard to not let man made rules and ideals effect how I live my life on a spiritual level and I believe all relationships are at the spiritual level.  I sometimes let man made ideals get in my way, but I am not perfect and it is hard to shed some of the things we were brought up to believe, but I have come a long way and I am still growing and learning what is right for me, what the plan is that God and I put together before I came to be on this earth.

So, stick around if you are interested.  I'll share more as time goes and maybe you will come to a new way of looking at things.