Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Celestial Show Set for New Year's Eve

This was to neat not to share...I hope some of you have a chance to catch it.

Celestial Show Set for New Year's Eve

Robert Roy Britt
Editorial Director
Tue Dec 30, 11:47 am ET

A delightful display of planets and the moon will occur on New Year's Eve for anyone wishing to step outside and look up just after sunset.

Venus, brighter than all other planets and stars, will dangle just below the thin crescent moon in the southwestern sky. It'll be visible -- impossible to miss, in fact -- just as the sun goes down, assuming skies are cloud-free.

Soon thereafter, Mercury and Jupiter will show up hugging the south-southwestern horizon (just above where the sun went down) and extremely close to each other. Jupiter is very bright and easy to spot; Mercury is faint and harder to see, but it'll be apparent by its location just to the left of Jupiter.

Jupiter and Mercury will set less than an hour after the sun, so timing your viewing just after sunset is crucial. You'll also need a location with a clear view of the western horizon, unobstructed by buildings, trees or mountains.

All the planets, along with the moon and sun, traverse an arc across our sky called the ecliptic, which corresponds to the plane in space that they all roughly share. For this reason, you could draw an imaginary line from the general location of Venus and the moon, down through the other two planets, and the line would point to where the sun went down. This line could also initially help you find Jupiter and Mercury.

Weather permitting, you can get a preview of the sky show on Tuesday, Dec. 30. On this evening, the planets will be in nearly the same place they'll be on Dec. 31, but the moon will be midway between Venus and the Mercury-Jupiter pairing.

One last trick:

Venus is so bright you can see it during daylight if you know where to look. Given Venus' proximity to the moon on New Year's Eve, this would be an excellent moment -- just before sunset -- to use the moon to help you find Venus and gain bragging rights for being one of the few people to be able to claim seeing more than one planet during the daytime (Earth being the other one).

Gallery: Moon Images
Skywatcher's Guide to the Moon

Top 5 Amazing Astronomy Discoveries in 2008

Original Story: Celestial Show Set for New Year's Eve
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Wednesday Weirdness

1.) Have you ever stolen anything from a relatives house?

No, and I can't even imagine doing something like that...why would someone do that?? Okay, there are strange individuals out there and I guess that is the only explanation, but thankfully that is not one of the strange things about me.

2.) If you had to changed lives with a friend from your real life for a day, which would you choose and why?

Mmmm, I have a pretty good life so this is a hard one for me. I am a very fortunate person in so many ways. I guess I would change with a friend of mine who teaches children. We have known each other from high school and she seems to be very happy in the life she has built and I would like to experience that happiness with the added bonus of teaching children and how they react to the teacher.

3.) Name at least one place where you would never have sex.

OMG, I have been caught in public having sex twice before we got married, so I don't know that there is any limits...LOL I guess I would say a church, it is the only place I would think that we would not, though before we were married we did it in a car parked at a

4.) If you could change one personality trait in you significant other, what would you change and why?

This is difficult, if you know my husband you know why. I have the greatest husband. And I am not exagerating. Personality wise he is awesome and everyone loves him. I am not saying there are not little things I would change, like leaving one swallow in something and putting it back in the refrig or something, but personality wise he is just great. I guess if I had to really dig and find one thing I would say it is his shyness to be able to perform in front of other people. I tried to get him to sing karoke at his birthday, it was a song he knows inside and out, and he just would not. If I could change that I would, but nothing else. I like him just the way he is...fortunately.

5.) How important is the mood and setting to you when it comes to sex? (Do you need certain things to set the mood to really enjoy it, etc)

OMG, what is it with the sex questions. My bffl will be having a hay day seeing me answer these things because I just don't talk about my sex life a whole lot. It is not important at all...mood, setting, what the hell is that? Now, I prefer to have sex at night because it makes me tired and hubby likes to in the morning...I think because he has rested and is energized. But in the morning I want to get up and going...see what time I am posting I don't want we do have a difference there and I won't tell you who usually wins, you'll just have to guess.

6.) Which is worse, bad sex or no sex? Why?

Ugh, now we are just getting way to personal...LOL I would say bad sex. Because it leaves a memory of something that was bad that should have been wonderful. No sex leaves no memory because nothing at all happened to remember. If it didn't happen then you can just remember the good times and there would not be any bad ones to remember.

7.) On a scale of 0 to 10, how much of a compulsive spender would you say you are?

I myself am about a 2 I would say, but hubby is a 10. And when I am with him I get sucked in. Personally I can talk myself out of spending money so easy, but when I am with him I just can't say no. This gets us in to trouble. So, I try to avoid going "shopping", but sometimes I have to give in to him and follow along. I am not a shopper, I am a buyer. I know what I need and I go buy it...My hubby, he is a shopper and can walk around for hours shopping. Ugh. Is that a personality trait? Hmm, if so that is what I should have listed as the thing I would change in him. LOL

8.) Have you ever left a restaurant without paying the bill? Why?

No, and I cannot imagine why some one would do this, it is just so dishonest. Even if you don't like the food you should at least discuss it with the manager and make it all right, not just leave without paying the bill.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lights of the South

My parents brought us to see the Lights of the South display while I was visiting in GA. It was Christmas Eve and it was a warm evening, so it did not feel like Christmas, but it was a great temperature to take a hay ride with the family and see the lights. I did not get a ton of pics, but here are the ones that came out well.

10 Best Moments of the Year

1. Moving within a 7 hour drive to my parents house.
2. Really reconnecting with my bffl and believing that we have made it over the humps of our past.
3. Every moment I spent with my husband just enjoying life, such as the trip to Memphis or the ride to Vicksburg to go around the Military park, but most special is the time we spend at home doing nothing extraordinary.
4. Husband getting a job...
5. Having a class tell me it was the best class they had been to of the particular subject.
6. Mom and hubby's "100" year birthday party.
7. Getting in touch with a long lost friend.
8. Having more frequent conversations and heartfelt conversations with my brother.
9. Seeing the first African American elected President of the United States.
10. Spending time with my family in my is nice to have people come visit me instead of me always having to go visit them.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday's Sunrise Sunset

This sunset was taken in May of 2006 on board of a Norwegian Cruise Line in Alaska. It is probably the best sunset I was able to catch on that wonderful trip.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope all of my blogger buddies out there had a very Merry Christmas, Happy Yule celebration, Happy Hanukkah, and I think that about covers it for most people I know.

I am in Georgia visiting my family. Yesterday was a nice peaceful day with my biggest highlight going to visit my brother and his family late in the day. He had to work yesterday so we did not get to see him until about 730pm and left at around 10pm or so, but it was great to see them none the less. The three boys range from 8 to 13 and are so full of energy it is just great to be around them. This is one of the reasons I am trying so hard to get back to Georgia so that I can spend more time with them. On both sides of our family we have missed seeing neices and nephews grow. We got to spend some time with my husbands nephews when they were younger and those slumber parties at our house are some of my greatest memories and I will cherrish them forever.

Today we have a little running around to do, but then we are going to spend the day with family. We hope to be able to see my hubby's brother and his family, but still need to get in touch with them to see how and when. Other than that we are just relaxing and taking it easy. I hope the rest of you are able to do the same.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sleeping with Bread

I have not done a Sleeping with Bread in awhile and I felt I was long overdue. Especially since this is really one of my favorite memes.

Lately I have decided to accept that I live here in Brandon and that is okay. I really don't want to be here, I want to be in GA, but that obviously is not in the cards right now.

I had been kind of in a limbo state, just waiting to get a job in GA so that we can move and not joining the YMCA or anything, because, why? I am going to be moving...

Well, I have decided to accept that the next and final move will come when it will come. For now I will enjoy life here and make the most of it. At least being here cut the distance from family in half of what it was when we lived outside of Dallas.

Along with that I get bored in my current position, it is not as hectic as my last one, which is a good thing, but I find I am bored because of it. I am not challenged in a way that I have grown accustomed. So, I am working on trying to find ways to challenge myself in this position and to be thankful that I am in a good position instead of being unhappy about being unchallenged and bored.

I used to be full of energy and so optimistic and I don't know when that changed. I do believe for the most part I am viewed as an optimistic person to most that I come in contact with, but in my heart lately I have not felt it like I used to show it. And the truth is I have every reason to be optimistic about work and life. Something else to work on...

So, in the new year I am joining the YMCA and will do a water walk every morning. In the afternoon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will go back to do toning. My husband is gung ho about this, which does not happen often so I am hopeful that we will stick with this and that the energy created by the exercise will flow over into my brain and help with these other areas.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Special

~The Holidays ~ Do You Prefer?~

1. Holiday Shopping in Stores or Online?

I do as much of my holiday shopping online as possible. I been doing this for about 5 years now. I hate the stores and can't stand going to the mall.

2. Holiday Parades or Football?

I prefer football. I get energized and really into any game I watch. Since I play fantasy football I have other reasons to watch also...I need to see how my guys are doing...

3. Holidays at Home or Visiting Others?

Well, I prefer to stay home, but it seems like we are always required to travel since we are the ones without children. When we do have to stay home due to not being able to get off from work we are made to feel guilty by the family we were unable to go visit.

4. Holiday Parties or Family Gatherings?

I prefer a family gathering to a holiday party. I just rather be with my loved when then just people I know. The only thing is family can be a bit boring and not willing to do new things...where parties can be more fun/exciting.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Four For Friday

Q1 - Names: Here in the U.S., the parents of a three-year-old boy have branded a supermarket "intolerant" after it refused to decorate their son's birthday cake with his name: Adolf Hitler Campbell. The couple, from New Jersey, asked ShopRite staff to decorate little Adolf's cake with his name, which he shares with the deceased Nazi dictator, and were outraged after staff refused to on the grounds that it was inappropriate. Do you think the supermarket's bakery staff made the right decision or does every little boy deserve to have his name on their birthday cake regardless of what their name is?

Though the idea of naming a child after such a dictator is totally beyond me I do believe those parents have a right to get a cake with their child's name on it. The store has no right to refuse as these are paying consumers and it was not something that was illegal. The child did not pick the name...when he gets older he may choose not to keep it, or he may choose to do something great that will give the name a new meaning...

Q2 - Grumble: What are your top five beefs?

Well, let me see...Okay, I can't stand when women put their makeup on in the car. Come on people get up early enough or put it on at work, but not in the freaking car while you are driving...please. I also can't deal with people holding the darn phone to their ear in the car...we have so many tools at our disposal today to talk hands free...and they are not expensive. Get on already so the rest of us on the road don't have to worry about you hitting us. Okay, another is a freaking adult talking baby talk all the time. What is up with that? I mean, is there any real reason they should speak this way? I also don't like it when someone blows their own just annoys me to no end. Let someone give you praise and be modest about it. I believe our self assessment that we give our supervisor and when applying for a job are the only legitimate times to blow our own horns. My last one is people that drive around during dusk, dawn or in the rain without their lights on...what, are they conserving energy? At my expense? Who gave these idiots drivers licenses?

Q3 - Layaway: As everyone knows, it's shopping season once again, but we all know times are a little tough this year. A new ABC News poll this week found that many Americans are feeling the financial strain, resulting in a lot of us spending a lot less on holiday gifts. So perhaps it's not a big surprise that we would see the resurgence of a more conservative way to shop... the layaway. If you could put one item on layaway for up to five years that you absolutely intended to incrementally pay for in full, what would you choose to put on layaway?

It would have to be a service if you could put a service on layaway. It would be laser eye surgery so I don't have to wear my glasses anymore. Yeah, that would work. I could pay about 800.00 or so a year and in five years have the surgery done and not have to wear these things or spend money year after year on new glasses...

Q4 - Memories: How will you remember 2008?

Well, 2008 would be the year that I moved to Mississippi, no longer a supervisor...a good thing, half the distance to my parents...a good thing, but left all of the convinences of a metropolitian area behind...a bad thing. I will remember that in January we lost a cousin that was only 27 and still had so much to give this world in both music and in the medical community as I was sure he was not done figuring out what he wanted to be...he had been a social worker and had just graduated with his nursing degree. This will also be the year that my bffl and I grew closer once again. We have really been through it over the years, pulling apart and coming back together. I am not sure what has caused the change this year, but it has been nice to have her in my life again on a more regular basis.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Booking Through Thursday

Do you give books as gifts?
To everyone? Or only to select people?
How do you feel about receiving books as gifts?

Yes, I give books as gift. Mostly to people that I know read and I give them books by authors that they read regularly or that are next in a series that I know they are reading.

I also like to buy books for the young people in my life. If I can encourage younger people to read I do.

I have had times when I read a book that I just had to share with people in my life and bought them all the book whether they wanted it or not.

I love to receive books as gifts, infact I have a pretty extensive wish list on I have a button on my MySpace and Plaxo page in order to share it with others.

My Wish List

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness

1. What is the one sexual act you would never do?

I would never lick someone's ass...that is just gross...I don't care if they just took a shower, it is gross.

2. Is there anyone you know, that if they turned out to be a serial killer you would not be surprised?

Hmm, maybe a good friend of mine's son. I still am waiting to see how that life turns out.

3. What is the most annoying thing about the holiday season for you?

I think the repeats of Christmas shows. There is no reason for so many repeats. There is enough to have new ones every night.

4. If you saw a video of your celebrity crush picking their nose, would that change your opinion of their hotness?

Probably not...

5. What is the one non-sexual thing you would be embarrassed to be caught doing?

Picking my nose...

6. A favorite blogger friend wrote a column about the one word that really turns her on. Do you have a word or phrase that does the same for you? What is it?

No, I can't say there is...Now I'll have to pay more attention and if it does happen I'll make sure to blog about it. :)

7. As someone who ran a virtual cookie exchange, I have to ask what your favorite cookie is?

My favorite cookie would be Ginger Snaps. My mom has the best recipe for these that came off of a Brer Rabbit molasses bottle years ago. Not sure if Brer Rabbit is correct, but it is some molasses with a rabbit on it. They are the best cookies ever.

Christmas Poem

Poem: The Soldier's Christmas

Summary of
A poem said to have been written by a soldier stationed in Okinawa, Japan. It describes a visit by Santa to a simple home occupied by a solider.

The Truth:
This poem has been popular on the Internet for several years and occasionally makes a fresh appearance when there is a fresh attitude of support for the armed forces.

There are several versions and several different names listed with them as author.

The name most often associated with the poem is is that of Air Force Lt. Col Bruce W. Lovely. He says that he wrote it in 1993 while stationed In Korea.

An article on says the poem was actually written by Corporal James M. Schmidt, described as a former U.S. Marine Scout-sniper and that is was published in LEATHERNECK MAGAZINE in December of 1991, two years before Lt. Col Lovely claimes to have written it.

Last updated 11/29/03

A real example of the story as it has been circulated:






















Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Ten

Well, I am to list 10 noteworthy (to me at least) things that have happened in the last 24 hours. My life is so mundane there are not 10. At least I don't believe so....Let's see.

1. Hubby was able to get the 23rd off so that we can head to GA that day.
2. I found two job announcements that are open that I had previously applied for and not qualified....we'll try again, they obviously did not find anyone.
3. A young lady that I have watched grow up since she was 6 months old made her way to Afghanistan. Please keep all of our service members all over the world in your prayers.
4. The Eagles won their game this week keeping them in the running for the playoffs. This makes me very happy!
5. I got the okay to go to a symposium on retirement in D.C. in January.
6. My mom got all of the days off that we will be in GA!!
7. Found out that since the President made the 26th a holiday for us our pay date will be the 24th of Dec next week. Yeah!!
8. Well, I gave it a good try...but I have run I have seven things...and they are pretty weak....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Travel :: I love to travel. I don't like flying, but I like the going to a place and enjoying it, learning about it and seeing and experiencing new things.

  2. Expensive :: I love expensive hotels. Who doesn't? They have the best sheets and tons of pillows, down comforters, and fluffy beds.

  3. Backspace :: Other than a key on the keyboard this word just does nothing for me. I knew where it is without thinking...use it often when I am blogging...

  4. Traffic noise :: Traffic noise gets on my last nerve. I hate it...I don't know how big city residents live with this all the time.

  5. Now see here :: This sounds like something someone would say when their upset or trying to make a point. Kind of old fashioned, huh?

  6. Vegetables :: I love vegetables. All kinds and fixed all different ways, but my favorite way is grilled.

  7. Chat :: I used to go into AOL Chat rooms back in the day when AOL was all the rage. Gosh, that seems like a life time ago and boy that is something I would never do now.

  8. Your calling :: I am 19 years into my career and I still don't know. The last year I believe I have a calling to teach.

  9. Weekly :: Blank...just totally blank on this one. I guess I can say I miss my weekly visit with my parents on Sundays when I lived near them. I really, really miss that. I would so prefer to see them once a week then once ever few months for a week.

  10. Oh! :: Oh! nothing...I got nothin'

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Question

Do you save your favorite thing on your plate for last or eat it first? In essence, do you “save the best for last”?

For the most part yes....I will take little nibbles of my favorite thing while I am working on finishing up the least favorite items. But I save the bulk of the favorite item until last. I like to have a little of everything as I go, that is why I nibble. But since it is my favorite thing I want to really, really enjoy it so I leave most of it until last.

The blog that was posted with this question stated that..."People who ate the favorite dish last were likely the oldest or an only child." I am the oldest, but I don't think this applies because there were just two of us and there was always plenty of food so I know it was not that I felt there would be plenty left for me to enjoy it later. I just wanted that to be the last thing to touch my taste buds.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Snow Pics

Snow in Central Mississippi

Okay, it is snowing this morning...when they said rain mixed with snow I was not very concerned...but we have real snow here people. It has not snowed in December in this area since 2004. They rarely get snow here. And it will be gone, a little of what we have here..It is still going so this is not the whole effect...I'll put more on later...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"I Want...." Wednesday

This weeks question is:

What gift do you want to give the whole world?

It is so cliche, but I want the world to have peace. I guess for individuals, more peace of mind. I think we all just want to live our lives happily with our families. To be able to make a living without worry, feed our families, and enjoy life with travel and other fun activities. We should be able to practice the religion we want regardless of what our governments believe is the "right" religion. I can go on and on, but I think you can get the gist of what I mean.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That's My Answer - Falling Gas Prices

With gas prices falling to record lows, are you concerned at all? Is it a good sign? Or a bad sign?

I guess I just don't know enough about the economy to know if I should be concerned with falling gas prices. I am happy about it because I will be able to go home for Christmas and it will only cost me 20.00 a tank instead of 50.00 a tank that I was paying the last time I went home.

With everything else going up Americans needed something to go down and with winter setting in those that use oil to heat their homes will be better off with the lower oil prices.

But to answer if this is good or bad, for the economy as a whole, well, I just don't know enough to answer that...but since I realize I don't know I believe I have something new I need to research now. I just hate not knowing stuff... :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Situation Sunday

Every state has decided to allow one person to decide on Proposition # 8. By the use of the computer and drivers person is picked. You number has come up......How do you decide to handle Proposition # 8.

This is so easy to answer...Proposition 8 needs to be null and void. Human beings whether same sex or opposite sex have the right to marry and share their lives together. Who on this earth has the right to say who may and may not marry? So, fundamentalist Christians say, "well the Bible says...". Well, I say bull shit. The Bible cannot be used as a source to set laws on such a thing when it was written so long ago in a different time. We are more open and accepting of people than they were during the time the Bible was written. So much of the Bible is fiction, used to teach people of a certain era. The documents used to create the Bible were never meant to be some law that we are all to live by forever and ever amen.

So, yes, I would make Prop 8 null and void and allow gay marriage in all states if I had the power.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back in Business...

Well, I have been a bit under the weather the past few days and have not gotten on the PC at night...It has been early to bed for me. The first couple nights I took NyQuil to make sure I got a good nights sleep and my symptoms would not bother me, but last night after having talked to a nurse with the place I get my mail order prescriptions for my asthma I decided not to take the NyQuil because it has an antihistamine in it...well, I ended up not sleeping well. The nurse had suggested that I not take the antihistamine because it appears from what is going on with me that I have a sinus infection, which was some how brought on I believe by freezing in my office a couple days this week...I have a heater now...that won't happen again. So, I told my mom about this this morning and she suggest that taking the antihistamine at night should not be that bad a thing as long as I am not taking it the rest of the day...this way hopefully my sinuses will not get dried out and have a dry cavity or whatever they call it. So, I just took my NyQuil so I won't be up very long. I just wanted everyone to know I had not abandoned my blog.

I also am missing reading your blogs so hopefully while I watch some football tomorrow, while I rap gifts, I will hopefully have a chance to read the blogs I follow.

Hugs to everyone....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Interrogation

Okay, my bffl sent me this and kind of indicated that she expected me to post it here...I don't usually do these things... But I don't want to be a Scrooge as that is not who I, here we go....

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?

Wrapping paper of course...with pretty ribbons, bows, tags, and pretties.

2. Real tree or Artificial?

I prefer real, but lately it has been a 4 ft artificial

3. When do you put up the tree?

If it is real a couple weeks before Christmas. If it is fake usually the weekend after Thanksgiving, but it is not up yet this year.
4. When do you take the tree down?

Usually New Years day.

5. Do you like eggnog?

Uh, No!!!!!!!

6. Favorite gift received as a child?

My 3 speed bike when I was in my freshman year in highschool.

7. Hardest person to buy for?

My grandma.

8. Easiest person to buy for?

My husband...he wants everything...

9. Do you have a nativity scene?

Yes...but I had one I made and gave it away to my to make myself a new one.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards?

Mail, and I make them.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?

That frickin' can of popcorn.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie?

Bells of St. Mary's of course.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?

October or earlier if I find something.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?

No...I just can't do that.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies.

16. Lights on the tree?

Colored of course.

17. Favorite Christmas songs:

I like them all, but Ding, Dong, Merrily on High is my favorite.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?

Ugh, we seem to travel every year lately...I want a Christmas at home for once.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's?

I probably could...but you'll just have to keep guessing.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star?

An Angel of course, anyone that knows me knows that...

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?

Santa doesn't come until you go to bed on Christmas Eve so how can you open them before that?

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year?

The fact that they started the ads, music, and displays before Thanksgiving.

23. Favorite ornament theme or color?

I just love Snowmen!!

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner?

Gotta have a ham...the rest is negotiable.

25. What do you want for Christmas this year?

For my family and friends to be healthy and happy...really...if you know me...I really am not a good receiver of material gifts. other words...

Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps, for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are and what they ought to be.

-- William Hazlitt

I really like this one...I am an emo bffl, also known as sister friend, can attest to that. I cry at the drop of a hat and laugh until I pee myself, although she is the winner in that area.

I have to say though that I don't know that we are the only ones that know the difference between what things are and what they ought to be. I really think my doggie does sometimes...otherwise why are they sad when a litter mate in the house dies? I think Mr. Hazlitt may have been a little off here. We may have a deeper sense of what things are and what they ought to be, but I don't believe we are the only animals with this ability.

Monday, December 1, 2008


My wonderful husband and I went to Memphis on Friday. We started out a little late so we did not get to Graceland on Friday like we planned, but we did make it there on Saturday. So, on Friday we checked into the hotel room and then went down to Beale St. We ate at Alfred's on Beale. The food was really good. We did not stay late enough for the live music as we were pretty tired, but we did hear some good jazz as we walked down Beale St.

We had a great time...we went through the parts of the Mansion that Elvis would have allowed guests in when he was alive, his trophy room, Vernon's office, the auto museum, Sincerely Elvis, and the air plan named Lisa Marie. It took us 3 hours and I was pooped when we were done. I took over 200 pictures. I'll share just a few here.

The Mansion at Night

Elvis' living room.

The Jungle Room

One of the many outfits on display.

If you want you can see more you can check out my flickr pictures. I did not put them all up, one reason is the free account has limits. But there is a good sampling.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

5 Days Off

Okay, so, it appears I am missing in action...actually my husband and I have been off together since Wednesday. We had a nice quiet day on Wednesday and Thursday. We had a great meal together, but I was tired after cooking from being on my feet for a couple of hours so I took it easy. Friday we headed to Memphis...a post later today on that...and came home late yesterday, very tired and just vegged to Christmas shows that taped while we were gone. I barely got on the PC during the past four days...sometimes we just need the know?

So, I'll post later today about the trip to Memphis...just thought I would let everyone know that I am still alive..hehehe

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 other words...

If little else, the brain is an educational toy.
-- Tom Robbins

I have never really thought of the brain this way. But I guess I can see it, especially since I love to do puzzles and that to me makes teh brain an educational toy. Puzzles and games help to keep our brains young. If we don't use the brain and challenge it it will go to mush just like our other muscles do when not used.

I think this quote means to play with things, don't be afraid to try things..."toy" with them to expand your knowledge and experience.

This is how I live my life, especially lately. I try as much as possible, even things that in the past I would have avoided. I am not saying that there is nothing I will not try, but at this time I am trying to be more open and experience life to it's fullest. I believe that is what God has intended for us on this earth.

Monday, November 24, 2008

"God insists on diversity."

Okay, so I mentioned somewhere along the line that I have been reading a book by Bruce Feiler titled "Where God was Born" - A Journey by Land to the Roots of Religion. I am not a very religious person by my own definition, but I believe myself to be spiritual. I find myself since 1998 reading all types of religious/spiritual books as I go down my spiritual path. I have read everything from Christian self help books to Buckland's Complete Book of Witch Craft. I have learned along the way that I share some Pagan beliefs, but I am not Wiccan or a witch. I have learned that I have a high respect for the man we all call Jesus and that we have so much to learn from him and have only scratched the surface. But mostly I have learned that I have to pay attention to what my heart "feels" about what I read and how I react to what I read.

In this book "Where God was Born" I have come across a passage that really speaks to me and I just felt a need to put it here and share it with others. I guess I need to give you just a little back story. The author of this book is a Jewish man that is a native of Savannah, GA that currently resides in New York. The part of the book that this passage comes from is where he has traveled to Iraq in the years after the invasion by the US so somewhere between 2003 and 2004. I have learned so much about the biblical history of Iraq from reading this book. I guess we don't study the geography enough to realize what is, as he is finishing up this part of the book he is looking back on his visit and whether he found what he was looking for there. Here is what he said that really made me think and spoke to me like it was meant for me to hear for a reason.

"The message here is unexpected but powerfully relevant today. When humans try to create one language--when one group of people tries to impose an artificial order on teh world--God views this as a hubristic attempt to usurp his powers and slaps down the arrogation. God insists on diversity. He demands that humans accept their differences. In rejecting the Tower of Babel, God rejects fundamentalism, the idea that one way of speaking is the only way of speaking and can be imposed on others at will.
God's Solution is a cacophony of voices, living side by side"

Now, if you know me then you know I don't believe in a God that "demands" anything. I believe in a loving God that would never hurt his people in anyway, especially not intentionally as the bible indicates in so many stories. But what I get from this passage is that God "wants" us to all be different, that in being different that is when we are at our best and when we most resemble God. None of us has a right to impose our beliefs on each other...we must all be the unique person that we were created to be during this time on earth, until our next time when we will be something totally different again. Trying to "make" people see it our way, believe our way, goes completely against our reason for being here. We are here to "experience" life in a different way each visit to this awesome planet.

Isn't it awesome?? Well, I think so and I just loved what that passage had to say and felt a need to share it here...I hope it does something for you, but if not that is fine...because we are all different and I like knowing that...

Sunday of Firsts

I had a Sunday of firsts yesterday. I made my first cheesecake from scratch. I actually followed Paula Dean's recipe from the Food Network site. My two favorite desserts in the world are cheesecake and pumpkin pie so this was the best of both worlds and it came out delightful. Even put a little whipped cream on top.

The second first was a pot pie. I am not big on chicken pot pies, but my hubby loves them and yesterday felt like it should be a comfort food day, which I know pot pie is labeled as a comfort food by most. Well, every recipe I found called for a cream of chicken soup, which I did not have. I had chicken tenders I planned to cook in olive oil with seasonings and I had my own chicken stock I had made and frozen a couple months ago, and I had some stir-fry veggies I wanted to use for the veggies because I am not a huge peas and carrots person, which is what most recipes called for also. So, I cooked my chicken, let it cool and cut it up. I put in my stir-fry veggies to the seasoned oil I cooked the chicken in, at least what was left of the oil, and took out the water chestnuts because I don't like them. I then added my chicken broth and a little extra water to make it enough and some extra chicken bouillon. I cooked that until it came to a boil and added the chicken and some flour and milk that I had mixed in my Tupperware shaker thingy. It came to a nice creamy consistency. I mixed the Heart Healthy Bisquick with some milk and an egg to make the top and put in the oven for about 25 minutes. It came out wonderful...I was satisfied and had a very happy husband.

So, yeah, I am a little proud of these firsts...the main reason is these are things I have actually avoided cooking thinking each were very labor intensive and just easier to buy rather than make. I was wrong...both were super easy and tasted so much better than anything I have ever bought whether it be in a box or at a restaurant.

Sleeping with Bread

Since this is the week of Thanksgiving I think it most appropriate that I do my Sleeping with Bread on things that I am thankful for in the past week.
1. I am thankful for living just 7 hours away from my parents instead of 14 as I did for the past two years.
2. I am thankful for a husband that works a job he does not like so that we can pay the bills and also be able to get some creature comforts.
3. I am thankful for friends that allow me to dump on them when they already have issues of their own.
4. I am thankful for a job that though I am not satisfied it allows me to pay bills, have good health insurance, and paid leave.
5. I am thankful for having both of my parents still on this earth with me.
I am also thankful for all of my blog buddies out there that I am getting to know a little more each day from reading your blogs and from you reading mine and responding.
Happy Thanksgiving week to everyone.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Sunrise Sunset

I am running out of sunset and sunrise pics...makes me think that I don't take enough time to see sunsets and sunrises...I think the sunsets right around the time I get off work. I now have a goal to step outside at 5pm each day and hopefully I will get to see more sunrises...hmm...we'll have to figure that one out...that used to be my favorite time of day...I need to get back to that also.

So, this picture was taken when we were returning from a trip to GA last year. I believe it just have been Christmas time. Not my best sunset picture, but it does have some pretty colors in it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Saturday Special

~One Word To Start A Sentence Or Statement~
~Fill In The Blanks~

1. Buying ________?

2. Cooking ________?

3. Dinner ________?

4. Invited ________?

1. Buying i snot the fun part...the fun part is giving and seeing the faces of those you have given to when they receive what you cared enough to buy for them. We put a lot of thought into the gifts we buy.

2. Cooking is one of my greatest pleasures. I love to cook different things for my husband, family and friends...trying out new things from cookbooks and cooking shows.

3. Dinner was great tonight, simple, but great. I cooked a roast in the pampered chef baker with both top and bottom so it was like a clay oven. I cooked it at 200 degrees for 8 hours. It was wonderful. I took regular honey bbq sauce and added mustard and vinegar, made my favorite broccoli salad and garlic mashed potatoes. It was a great dinner adn simple.

4. Invited to what? We don't know anyone in the area really so we don't get invited to anything. The goal is to hopefully move closer to Augusta again to be near our families. Then we can invite people over and be invited to things with our families. We miss having that interaction more frequently.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins

1. The last band I saw live was _____________.

The last band I saw live was Billy Joel. Last year in December Kerry brought me to see Billy Joel. It was the best concert I have ever been to and still talk about it when given a chance.

2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is _________. (if you don't celebrate thanksgiving, insert your favorite holiday)

What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is relaxing with my family. This year that means my husband and I. We will sleep in and just have a great day together just the two of us.

3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is __________.

My Christmas/holiday shopping is mid way to being done...YEAH!!

4. Thoughts of _____________ fill my head.

Thoughts of sleep fill my head right now. I am tired and waiting to be picked up by hubby. He has gotten off last every day this week.

5. I wish I could wear ______________.

I wish I could wear a size 10!!!!!!!!! That's all I am going to say about it.

6. Bagpipes ________.

Bagpipes make me think of Amazing Grace. I love the bagpipe version of that song.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!

And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to eatting out and getting grocery shopping done, tomorrow my plans include finishing up the Christmas cards and Sunday, I want to watch the Eagles win their football game!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

3x Thursday

1. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
2. What did you grow up to be? Are you happy with that choice?
3. If you could choose any job for the next 30 years, what would it be? Why?

1. When I was younger and still in high school I thought I would someday be a lawyer. I really don't know what happened to that thought. It surely never materialized. In my senior year Sister Anastasia had it in her head that because of my abilities in math I had to go into accounting and being young and impressionable I let her lead me in that direction. I was registered at a small Catholic Ukranian College outside of Philadelphia to pursue a degree in accounting. Due to family issues I never attended that college and never got that degree, nor any other to speak of.
2. I am now a government employee. I often say to my mom...yeah, I don't recall ever saying I want to grow up to be a civil servant. I have worked in the payroll and human resources field for 19 years now. I have more payroll than HR experience. I currently assist our regional Payroll/Travel Program Manager by creating and delivering training on payroll and handling the employee travel for our upper management. I am not happy any longer. I am tired of a lot of things. I have 11 more years before I qualify to retire from the government and I want to do something different, but that is hard once you get so much experience in one area in the government, it is not so easy to change to a different field. I have to use my previous management experience from when I was a Regional Payroll Manager to help me cross over to something else and it is not easy.
3. I would become a teacher. I know it does not pay as much as I make now, but it is what I now know I want to do with my life. And I will be. I plan to go back to school and get my teachers degree so that in 11 years when I retire from this job I can become a teacher. I may not do it for another 30 years, but I will do it for at least 10-15. I hope I can make a difference in the world by helping to grow our future. I know it is difficult in today's world to be a teacher; my sister-in-law recently started teaching and has told me some stories of kids that are just plain bad and now matter what the parent does it does not change. I don't know how you handle those types of things, but I am willing to learn and hopefully somewhere along the way I can make a difference with those young people so that they can grow up to be productive citizens.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"I want......" Wedneday

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for being a caring person. I deeply love and care for those who come into my life and become a part of this life. I try to be there for them as much as possible, whether it be to offer an ear, a shoulder, or help financially if I am able to at the time. These people become part of me, part of my family and I hope they realize that I care and that I see them as family and not outside of my family.

We are all truly connected by our souls and a greater power so it was only natural to develop this kind of caring for people in my life. I believe if more people would realize this we could have peace and go on to build ourselves into an awesome society.

So, yes, I want to be remembered for being a caring person. And not only about people. I care about our earth and how we live in it. I care about being healthy, though I struggle with doing what is right, the people that know me know I care, I avoid just about every vice out there, though I do have a drink once in a blue moon...and enjoy it..LOL I try to put that care into action, I am big on recycling, sadly where I live how no place to bring my plastic and it kills me every time I throw one away. I do my best to buy organic and materials that will not sit on this earth for 100s of years without composting themselves. There is so much more that we can do, but I do the little stuff that I can at the moment...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TEASER TUESDAYS asks you to:
  • Grab your current read.
  • Let the book fall open to a random page.
  • Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.
  • You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from … that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given!
  • Please avoid spoilers!

  • "The plane had only a few windows, and those were concealed behind gear. It's the only plane I've ever been in where the flight attendant wore a pistol." page 130 ~ "Where God Was Born" by Bruce Feiler

    A little Bit of Me...

    Oh, today was a tiring day....I am giving training to people in 7 different cities, 15 people in all. We are using LiveMeeting for the visual and a conference line for the verbal. I have activities for them to do in each of their locations as a group that we then go over together in the larger group as part of the learning process. It is going well, but I talk for almost 5 hours and it is wearing me out by the end of the day. I received some of the daily evaluation forms back and the feedback was good so that makes me happy. This is the first time I have provided this training in this format without a facilitator at each facility. I really don't like the delivering the training part, I rather just create the training, but then the control freak part of me knows that there is no one that will deliver the training the way I designed end up doing it is my fault I know, but it sure would be nice to find that one person that could just see my vision and pick up from where I leave off...a nice dream...some day maybe...

    This is my full week...5 days in a row...I can make it just knowing that next week with the holiday I only have to work 3 days. My hubby just found out he gets the holiday off so he only has to work 2 days next week. He deserves it, this is his 7 days in a row so it will be good for him to have a lighter week before he does another 7 days.

    I need to finish up my Christmas cards so I can have them mailed on the 1st. I already addressed all of the ones I made already. I think I only have about 10 or so more to happy about that. Hubby really wants me to bake a bit this year so I am working on figuring out what recipes I want to make. My mom does tons of baking so I want to make some unique things that she does not do. Any family favorites you care to share? Email me...

    I guess that about does it for how things are going in my life for now, nothing special, which is fine...special for me usually means the negative sense and I like to avoid those.

    Blessed Be to you... other words...

    Misquotation is, in fact, the pride and privilege of the learned. A widely- read man never quotes accurately, for the rather obvious reason that he has read too widely.

    -- Hesketh Pearson

    Hmm, I had to read this a few times for it to sink in...I guess I am more tired than I thought.

    I see what this is saying, that being widely read with all of the knowledge in their head it is easy to misquote, but I don't really agree that a widely read person has a privilege to do such a thing. To me a learned person knows the quotes inside and out and it is not their privilege to misquote, to me it is an obligation to properly quote someone if you are going to the trouble to quote them at all. Just because a person is widely read does not give them license to get something wrong or inaccurate. Misquoting something can completely change the meaning of the quote in the first place.

    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Sleeping with Bread

    I thought today I would list those things that over the past week I have thought about how fortunate I am to be able to live in a country that provides me with the things that in so many countries are not seen as a basic need or freedom.

    • I am thankful that I have electricity and running water.

    • I am thankful to have air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.

    • I am thankful for having a job.

    • I am thankful to have the ability to walk into a grocery store and find anything I could possible want or need.

    • I am thankful for the ability to travel freely across the United States of America.

    • I am thankful for the complete religious, social and political freedom that I have living in this country.