Monday, July 25, 2011

11 Days Post Op

I am 11 days Post-Op and have lost 15 lbs.  I had my staples removed today and am so, so happy!!  I can return to work tomorrow and am so ready for that also.

I have one more week and two days that I have to be on liquids than I get to go to pureed food for two weeks.  A person has never looked forward to pureed food as much as I am...

I have set my annual check-up with my regular doctor for four weeks from the date of my surgery which will be a good time to check vitamin levels, etc.  They checked them before surgery and everything was good.  Which is one up for me because obese people are often experience malnutrition because they do not eat healthy.  I on the other hand ate healthy 90% of the time, it was the 10% and not enough exercise that got me to where I was that finally made me make the decision to have this surgery.

I will be taking a picture at every 30 day mark and posting it on my website so you will be able to keep up with the changes in me...

Well, hungry so I need to go get something to drink...time for a protein shake...yum...not...tired of them really...

Monday, July 18, 2011

4 Days Post Op

I am home and my parents have come into town to be with me during this first week of recovery.  I was able to go home the day after surgery, but they did not let me leave until like 7:30p that evening.  

I still have a bit of gas, which can hurt like the dickens when it is in my chest.  I know I am getting all of my fluids in that I need and I am getting 42g of protein, though only about 200 cals.  Today I was able to add some protein drinks so I was able to get some more calories.

It still hurts to take deep breaths, but I know that will just take time to get better.  And last night I kept coughing and that hurt a whole lot.

I will be so happy when the healing part is done...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pre-Op Done...5 Days until Surgery

Yesterday I had my pre-op. It took a lot longer than it was supposed to...2 hrs compared to the 1 I was told it would be by Dr. Kim's office. 

I ordered my Journey Multi-vitamins and Pure Unflavored Whey Protein Isolate from yesterday. And today I ordered a multi-flavored New Whey liquid protein from I should have all these in the house when I get home so I won't have to worry about someone going out and trying to tell them what I want. 

I am excited about the New Whey because it has 42g of protein in a 3.8oz serving. I have read that some people will mix these with sugar free drinks of the same flavor to sip and get the protein throughout the day.

I also went and got my hair cut and colored today so I will feel good about myself that way. My parents will be coming into town from GA next Saturday to be with me that first week. I am so glad. It will take some weight off of hubby since he is always caring for our daughter and then I will need his help a little more to get up from a sitting position, etc. They can help me out and or our daughter. And maybe they can take our daughter to the water park or something.

I went to Bed,Bath and Beyond today to look for an insulated cup with a sipper lid. Found a great cup...did not look at the price...that is what I do when I want something and just don't care...probably should home and saw that it was almost as much as what I spent on six insulated cups with a lid that holds a straw. While I was there I noticed they had lids that were sipper lids that might fit my cups so I bought one to try. The lid fit!! So, hubby is going back to get five more lids. I am going to keep my cup because I like the colors in it, but I won't be buying another one. The lids are 2.99. Much better than 16.99 for a cup. I bought a handle too, that fits on these 24oz cups so that will make it better for me carrying the cup on my commute on the train once I return to work. It has been difficult with my bag and the cup without a handle at times.

So, I think I have things pretty much in order for when I return. I forgot...I also got some EAS Advantage, which I had been drinking before the surgery as my nutritionist said I could have that after surgery also.

Now, come on surgery!! One surgery is scheduled for 2pm!! No, nothing after midnight and no surgery until 2pm??? I love water!! I don't know how to go without it that long, but I know I must...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I will never diet again...

I have gone on and off diets my whole adult life. I was following the Adkins eating plan the longest...lost the most on Weight Watchers...found I was allergic to Nutrisystem foods...and all the time kept this yoyo thing going with my weight...

Well, diet should be how you eat all the time, not just when you are "trying" to lose weight. So, I have dedicated myself to doing just that changing my diet to a healthier way of eating in order for myself and my family to be healthy and live long active lives.

I am actually looking forward to recreating some of my favorite flavors into healthy options. I'll be sharing them on my personal website once I get an opportunity to cook and eat again. My husband, whom is about 20 lbs heavier than he would like to be, is also looking forward to this change in our life. My daughter, luckily eats just about anything put in front of her and her favorite seems to be veggies and fish, so we are pretty set with her accepting what is put in front of her.

The closer I get to my surgery date and the closer I get to being able to cook again the more excited I get about life...join me...stop the dieting and change your diet for life...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Working through It

Well, I have been doing this my own way and being very anal about how I do it...I have allowed myself a meal here or there....well, if you can call it a meal.  This morning was a meal.  I made low fat mini quiche and had two.  So, this gives me 5 grams of fat today.  Yesterday I had some fat free refried beans with a tbs of light sour cream and a tbs of 2% cheese and salsa.  That gave me about 5 grams of calories also.  Some other nights I had just refried beans, fat free of course.  I have a really good dinner planned for the 4th, with chicken, sugar free baked kidney beans, spinach, and sweet potato hash browns.  The whole meal has 6 grams of fat.  That will be my last meal before my surgery, which is on the 14th, so I will have 9 whole days of liquids.  I have been really keeping my fat low when I eat so I am sure I am still doing what I need to to shrink this liver and take off a few lbs before the surgery.  I have not been eating every night, but found I just had to at times.  I feel good about how I have handled this...just could not go completely cold turkey to all liquid diet.  And once I have the surgery I will not feel the hunger like I have through some of these days leading up to it.