Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Cold Sunday

Not so nice weather is coming in and our church is 30 minutes away so we decided it would be safer to not go rather than to face unsafe travels on the way home...

So, Izza had her first sewing lesson today.  Though I do know how to sew, so does my husband, so he took the lead on this today.  Izza worked on straight lines to get used to how to control the speed and "material".  She did a really great job for her first time.

Then Izza and I decided to work on our first Christmas decorations for the tree...we are going with homemade decorations this year...other than some cute snowman balls I bought the other day.  These are not perfect, but they were made with love...and that makes them perfect for us.  We had fun doing them together.  Next weekend we hope to have two little ones joining the family to make more with.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just Waiting

At times I feel like I have my life on hold...just waiting to know if we will be granted the right to raise these two little girls we are hoping to add to our forever family.  I know that is not true because we have Izza and we continue to ensure her life is full and that we are in every aspect of her life...but there is a part of me that continues to feel like I am just waiting...

I don't know if the pain of losing the three little girls we had for 10 months will ever go away...but I have to hope that getting a couple other girls added to the family will help us fill that void they left behind...

Izza prays every day for is so precious...I am so blessed to have her....and I hope that sooner than later her prayers are answered...the awesome thing is she prays for God to watch over the sisters she had and she prays for God to watch over the sisters to come...

Her is my awesome girl last week when we went to the Grapevine Sealife.  We had to put Boomer down that day and needed a distraction.  It was a very nice family night.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ugh Week

Yep...that is what last week was...Ugh week...

Early in the week...I am pretty sure it was mom calls and says that they got a call that Gran's health is deteariating fast....this on top of me entering the week knowing it was my last few days with my Boomer.  And we never heard if we were selected for the two girls....

Gran is holding steady as of today, but my Boomer is gone.  It broke my heart...I cried so hard...

And...still no word on the girls...

I do hope this is a better week.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Fun with My Girl

We had such a busy week we never got the Hello Kitty pumpkin done.  Since the pumpkins are going to stay out through Thanksgiving we did it today.  Izza really enjoyed it and was very happy with her accomplishment.

I am very proud of her.  There is nothing that she cannot do and we keep finding new things to try all the time....stay tuned for the tales of her learning to sew....our new adventure.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Faith Talk

I entrust the good desires of my heart to God's loving care and I know that with God all things are possible.

So, I have decided to start my own Friday theme.  Someone else may be using it too, not sure...when I did a search for ideas on what I wanted to write about today I did not see anything that floated my boat.

And so I sat here thinking about what is very important to me in my life right now and in order of importance it would be Family, Faith, and Work.  I write about family all the time, but I rarely share anything about my spiritual side. I will...on Fridays atleast.

The affirmation above is one I find myself repeating often lately.  It it simple and yet covers a vast area.

I think for many of us, I know for me, it is often difficult to hand over the reigns of what is in the heart to God and to know that He/She will provide abundantly for me if it is what is best for me.  And that last part is the kicker, isn't it? 

I have a lot of desires, but what is right for me?  I think I know, but in the end only God really does.  Being human it is often times the most difficult to accept a reality that is not inline with the desires of my heart.  I am working on meditating, not as much as I need to though, to help me get in that place where I do accept that He/She knows best.

So, if you see me and my light is a little dull, maybe you can give me an encouraging word or say a prayer/affirmation for me so that I can move closer to that understanding and acceptance and be able to share a more bright light with all.

Blessed Be!!