Sunday, July 15, 2012

Visit to GA

I had two weeks with family in GA.  It was probably the best visit home since I moved away 12 years ago.

My uncle came down from Jersey with his family.  Izza and his son,  my cousin and her cousin of course, were inseparable.   Izza got to ride on a three person float with her cousins.  A first for her and she loved it.  We also went to analternative arcade amusement complex where the Izza and her four cousins had a ball.

We had dinner with my in-laws, which allowed Izza to meet her Uncle Scott and Aunt Rhian in addition to two more cousins. 

It was great spending time with my parents not doing anything planned...just being together.

Since I worked some of the time from the VA facility I was even able to have lunch with some of my former co-workers.  It was great to see them again.

It was awesome to spend this time with the family.  I miss everyone so much with living so far away, but I have to say it is also nice to get back to my regular life.  There is no place like the home you make for yourself.

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  1. :-) Oh wow......she just keeps growing and growing and growing....and not just physically, either. Says something about what being 'well loved' does, huh?

    I'm glad the visit home was a different experience. I'm not sure THEY'VE changed at all......I'm pretty clear YOU have. And how cool is that?!
    Nice to hear from you again. And it's good to see how things continue to evolve and grow and get even more awesome for you and yours. :-)