Monday, October 28, 2013

Season's Change

I love this time of year. The change from heat to cooler weather and if I am fortunate enough to ride somewhere that has the beautiful changing leaves I can't help but take pictures of them.

But this is also a time of year when I always seem to be examining things in my life and making changes.  So, along with the change of seasons and this balancing we are still doing between summer and fall here in Texas I am doing the balancing in my own life.  I am examing what I need to do business wise, what I need to do to get to the next level in my weightloss journey, and most importantly what will my family dynamic be over the next few months.

Some of it I can control, some of it I cannot.  Seems a lot like the change in seasons...

I have to figure out how to make it through the next few months in certain areas of my life, fortifying myself for things to come.  Similiar to entering into the winter season, preparing for the thrashing cold winds and ice that we will be plagued with here in Texas.

So, I am working on figuring out what needs to commence in my life to make it through the next season and be prepared for that wonderful new growth in the season after that...

Are you doing something similar?

1 comment:

  1. Nah. LOL I'm just not that planful! (most times....)
    But I DO love the autumn changes--splendid colours, harvest.....apples and pumpkins.