Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Faith Talk

The presence of God is within and around me. I am alive with creative energy, awake to prospering ideas, and open to unlimited goodness.

Happy New Year!!

Why do we wait to the new year to decide to make changes and do things differently?  Well, maybe that is not accurate...I don't think I wait exactly, but I always seem to have thoughts going through my head of what I want to do different, more or less of, etc.

We have our two little ones and I have been itching to get a paint brush in their hands. I love to see the creative that comes from a child's mind.  It was my favorite thing to do when I had the girls.  I also enjoy when my Izza and I take the time to pick a picture together that we will both recreate into our own master piece.

When I meditate I get pictures in my mind's eye that I feel a pull to put down on paper and I never take the time to do, in 2014 I want to find more time for that...

I am working on figuring out how to fit in all of the healthy things for me, but mental, spiritual and physical, and still meet the family, social, work and business obligations.

I know I can do it...there are those out there that do so much more than I do...and do it, if they can do I can too...and I hope to have more insight on how I will work it all out in the very near future.

My thoughts are enriched by the creative spirit of God within me. I am filled with renewed enthusiasm, and my life is prospered.

Namaste my Friends!!

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