Monday, August 17, 2009


I should be in bed...I said that 30 minutes ago and never got there...well...I didn't move...that might be why.

I really don't have much to write...just thought I would leave a little of me here before really heading to bed..LOL

Today was an okay day at much as I like the chaos I am tired of the much as I like the person that I hired to be a supervisor over the 10 staff we now have I am tired of her not taking control and doing what she needs to do...but I knew she did not have it in her when I hired her...but she is the only one that applied and really the only one out of the ones that we have in the office that I would want in the position...but she has some issues...some of which I need to figure out how to overcome...ugh!!

I think I will enjoy being in Indy next week...even though it means a week away from preparing for DFAS migration. Oh, well...can't win them all...

Looking forward to this with hubby!!

Night All!!

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  1. Oh, why can't people just get along. LOL The good news is, people have their assets and they're there to build off of. It's a matter of helping them be motivated--leastwise it is for me. But boy. It takes lots of creative energy to keep that going sometimes. (which I sometimes just don't have in me....rawr!)

    Thinkin' I'll cruise through your bookshelves and sip coffee now! ;-)