Saturday, August 29, 2009

Texas or the East Coast

So, when we moved back here I thought it was to stay...then Kerry has been talking about moving recently...and then yesterday we talked about staying here for a few years and then seeing where we go from there...boy does he confuse me. So, we have six more months on this lease and then we are going to look for a house to rent with a pool, hopefully in Euless.

In the meantime I hope to eventually get my old job back at the VISN office and maybe work a 13 out of it if I can. And Kerry will get a 1.00 raise next year. So, between the two salaries we should be able to work toward being debt free and put money away for our future home, wherever and whatever that might be.

It just means that we won't be able to see family in GA as much as we would like. Maybe three times a year if we are lucky. That is the part that sucks...

Oh, well...I am all for just taking one day at a time right now...we shall see...

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