Friday, December 3, 2010

Well, Not Exactly

My caseworker led me to believe we would have Izza on Saturday, but we actually only get to meet her for a few hours on Saturday and then we can spend the day with her on Sunday.

I do want to ask the caseworker this weekend when she will be actually placed with us.

Let's hope it is before next weekend.


  1. Oh, I know the impatience in the excitement--but here's a bitty gal who's been place after place....who needs a visit or two to see what she'll be walking into--where she'll sleep, where the bathroom is..LOL You know, pertinent things! It's happening. And time is a good thing for all of you.
    You get to process. She gets to process. exciting!

  2. Awww! It is a very happy thing though to be getting to meet her, although I know you just want to take that sweet girl home! I will pray & hope with you that she is placed with you very soon! Hugs :)

  3. Ohhhhhh....I do hope the visit went well!

    <-- looking forward to the update on how it's progressing!