Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ah, Needed this Weekend

I have done nothing except for make sure I am well this weekend.  I have been able to work out what works for me with my drinks and trying to not feel hungry so often.  I am getting better at it.  Though I have made a decision to do something that is outside of my docs orders, but that I believe is okay based on what another friend's doctor had her do pre-op.  She had two shakes a day and a weight watchers dinner.  I am having three shakes a day and a cup of fat free refried bean.  This way I get to have a little bit of substance and I am getting the protein without the fat, which is what the liquid diet is mostly about.  I am only going to do this through Wednesday, at which time I will be done with my first week.  I then will have three more weeks of liquid diet which will help accomplish the part that is to clean out my colon.  I do not believe one cup of fat free refried beans for five nights out of 21 is going to hurt me at all.  Our nurse told us that our doctor is quite conservative and I understand, but I was just too hungry.  The beans seem to help me.

Well, I am trying to get my clothes ironed for the week to make things easier on myself with my 4:30am wake up.  I'll up date once or twice this week to let you know how I am doing.

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  1. Smart woman to take the weekend to do what you needed to do for you. Seriously--you're dealing with a whole lifestyle change crammed into a bit of space. That'd be stressful for anyone.

    Now, I don't know about the 'veering from the physician's instructions' bit. LOL I'm a bit like that myself--so much so that he tends to give stricter orders in hopes that I'll do half. *laughing* True! But he and I have this understanding after 20 some years of doctoring with him. Both of us are still around, so it's all good. LOLOL
    Hang in there.
    Easy does it!