Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Already

I just can't believe it is that time already...tomorrow will be a year that Izza came to live with us...WOW!!  A whole year!!  She is such a different little girl from the one that came to my house a year ago.  She is so much more alive and so, so smart...everyday it is something new about her that just makes me want to smile and cry all at once...I want to do something special, but we are having to watch our money because we go on vacation next weekend...she does not know where we are going...I can't wait!!!  I can't even sleep!!!  Disney World...she won't know until we are driving in the gates!!  And I have her booked for a Bippity Boppity Boutique session with the full package!!  So, must watch the funds...but I think it will all be worth it once she is there...

We had our first family portrait done the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I was so excited for this...Look at her...she is gorgeous...We are so fortunate to have her in our lives!!

So, a year ago this is what my little girl looked like...tell me...doesn't she look like a completely different child is kinda weird to me.

She got to go to her first ballet today and she loved it.  She, of course, saw The Nutcracker.  She is ready for after vacation to get back to her gymnastics and Special Olympics Basket ball.  I love it that she loves to do all of these things.  Though I am sure so much of it is because she never did anything before.

She had compound words for her spelling words this week.  I was really worried for her, but she says she did good on the test, though she did not bring it home like she usually does, but with all of the stuff going on at school today I guess that was to be expected.  We'll see on Monday I hope.

She will be singing on Sunday with the children's choir for the other children at church and then on Thursday she will be singing with her school choir.  She has been practicing for both for weeks, even singing at home.  I hope she does not get the stage fright like she had in October.  I have told her to look right at me or Daddy and sing to us if she gets nervous.  She loves to sing so I hope her love for singing overcomes her stage fright.

Well, I really should be in bed...just needed to share all of my happiness with the world.


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  1. Wow.

    She's grown up so much.

    How cool that you get to do a family photo this year. Wow..