Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Cold Sunday

Not so nice weather is coming in and our church is 30 minutes away so we decided it would be safer to not go rather than to face unsafe travels on the way home...

So, Izza had her first sewing lesson today.  Though I do know how to sew, so does my husband, so he took the lead on this today.  Izza worked on straight lines to get used to how to control the speed and "material".  She did a really great job for her first time.

Then Izza and I decided to work on our first Christmas decorations for the tree...we are going with homemade decorations this year...other than some cute snowman balls I bought the other day.  These are not perfect, but they were made with love...and that makes them perfect for us.  We had fun doing them together.  Next weekend we hope to have two little ones joining the family to make more with.


  1. What an amazing dad-- And mom. The decorations are perfect! And what a lovely task to do together. Makes me wanna put together a wee tree with the small grandchild who likes to cut and glue and make fine messes. LOL I might have to steal the idea for after Thanksgiving dinner. :-)

  2. I think it's great that Izza is learning to sew. So many kids these days never learn that usefull skill. It will come in handy for her in the future. Your candy canes are adorable and I bet you had fun making them. You sure seem to have the Christmas spirit!