Saturday, December 21, 2013

And 2 makes 5

Yep, that is right...two little ones have been added to our household.  Their case is moving to the adoption unit so we are starting our six months until we can finalize the adoption.  The little lady is 28 mos and a doll, though she has typical behavior of a child of the age and someone that is experiencing confusion due to the change in households.  My little man will be 4 in March and he is all boy, energy and all...again typical behavior of the age and the circumstances is what we are experiencing.

It is awesome having them in our home.  It tore us up when the girls were taken and we vowed we could not foster again after that experience.  So, we have been looking for children available for adoption.  These two came on our radar in October and we were ecstatic two weeks ago when we were told that CPS decided to place them with us.

The little lady reminds me so much of my two younger girls that we had for 10 months and sometimes that is difficult, but for the most part it is all joy even with the behavior issues.

Izza adores them and loves reading to them and playing with them.  They both are starting to enjoy playing with Izza.

So, we have our Christmas present early and I can't wait for the day I can share their pictures with you!!

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  1. *crossing fingers and hoping*
    It's a blessing to have so much love to hand to children--and they're truly blessed to have you and Izza and the hubby to dole it out to them.
    It makes the holidays that much more of a blessed event.
    Happy Holiday to you and yours.