Friday, December 12, 2014


Happiness is so elusive, isn't it? You think you have it and something comes and makes it difficult to keep it.  What I find even more difficult where happiness is concerned is not allowing someone else's unhappiness affect me.  I find that when a person I love is unhappy and I have no control over that, it makes me unhappy and I am grasping for things to make me happy.  And truth is I have plenty to be happy about, but unhappiness is very heavy and hard to lift off from my soul.

I find that when the children are with me I concentrate more on them and that helps.  It is amazing how light that unhappiness can be when children are involved in the equation. 

So, we are getting closer to Christmas and I find every day a challenge to stay focused on being happy for and with the children.  Evenings are better than days, which is a good thing since my babies are with me in the evenings.

If you are going through something similar I hope you are finding that something to concentrate on that helps you lift that heavy weight of unhappiness.

So, I have also found that concentrating on the reason for the season helps also.  This is a time of the rebirth of the light of Christ in all of us and I am trying to take this time to teach my little ones about what that means for them, while still including the goodness of Father Christmas and what it means to give to others.

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