Monday, June 30, 2008


For lack of a better word....Lost...I guess that is how I feel lately. I have no direction...and no goal. Or the goals I thought I had no longer are important. How does one get back on track or find the right track?

I don't want to worry my husband so I have not told him to much of what is going on in my head. And maybe that is it...maybe I need to see a counselor. Maybe I need to have someone listen to me talk about stuff and give me advice...or can that be accomplished here with neophytes...hmmm

I just am so out of it...when I am at work, I don't want to be there, when I am home I don't know what to do with my, what should I be doing?

I am also having trouble getting my brain to calm down. The morning pages help a little, but then all that stuff is right back there again.

A good thing...I have a wonderful husband who puts up with so much from me. Like all of the moving...and here I want to move us again and take a drastic pay loss. And he is not complaining. I am very fortunate. Now, if I could have that in my career it would all be well.

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  1. Purge lil one.. Lay it down and leave it...