Thursday, June 26, 2008

Travel Bug

I am dying to travel, but the funds just are not there this year.

I was looking at the cruises...I want to go to the West Caribbean so bad...I want to see the Mayan Ruins...Maybe next year...but then I also want to do a road trip to Seattle next, who knows.

I am missing the ocean right now, and that is about 3 hours away so maybe sometime in July we can make that happen.

So, I have decided to make a dream board of the places I want to go and see...and eat along the way...there is some awesome food out there...of course I need to lose weight before I make all that that will need to be my concentration for now...

If you can't afford to take a trip at this time...find something within a 100 mile radius...We have Vicksburg 45 minutes away and full of history...not to mention casinos...LOL

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