Sunday, August 17, 2008


Do you ever feel guilty when you are happy?

My life is so imperfect. But the most perfect thing in it right now and has been for a few years now, is my marriage. Okay, I should not say it is a perfect marriage, but it is a happy marriage. We have finally learned, after 17 years, how to make it work and be very happy together. The first 10 years were tough, don't get me wrong. And then for the 11th & 12th year there was a lot of learning about each other and learning to trust again, but now. Wow, if something were to happen to one of us it would be so devastating to the other. I hate to even dwell on it.

So, back to the original question...Do you ever feel guilty when you are happy? I do. And maybe it is just because of some people that I have in my life. Two very good friends have been divorced twice and I hear them talk about being lonely and it hurts my heart for them. So, then I don't get to tell them about my happiness because to me, why would they want to hear that when they are hurting or lonely? Then I know someone that is in a marriage where she is not happy so I can't talk to her. And darn it, sometimes I want to talk about how happy I am.

So, thank you out there for creating blogging. Though it is not as good as having a conversation with your best girlfriend(s) it does help with an avenue for expressing how one feels.

So, what makes me happy in my marriage? I think it is mostly having someone that cares for me so much and tries to think of things to do, to surprise me, and make me happy. It makes you feel loved and special. The time we spend together, the talks we have about so many different things. It is just wonderful having that person there all the time to share life with.

I wish for everyone to be able to find a love like mine.

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  1. Hey there babes, never be afraid to show your emotion when it comes to your husband and your marriage!.. No matter what, you know i'm one of those people that cheer you two on!...