Friday, August 8, 2008


So, it has been way to long since I posted a blog. I guess I have been in kind of a funk where writing is concerned.

During this time however I did pull out the starts of what I had hoped would some day become a book years ago when I began writing it with a friend. Reading it I remembered where I wanted it to go and then I remember that I had started writing a bio of one of the characters during one or two of my long train rides home when I worked in D.C. So, I went searching for that little notebook so that I could add that info to the story.

I have read this and reread it and though I know where I want it to go...I can't seem to get on to the next thing. I am trying so hard not to doubt myself. I know I have stories inside of me, it just seems so daunting a task to get these stories out of me. The words just don't want to come.

I read things from people that write about Creative Self Belief and how to get your creative side going again...I do those things...I know everything I am supposed to do...but it just is not working.

I have a friend that should write for a living and she does not. Instead all she does is put her creations on blogs. I hate it that a person with such a talent will not take that talent and make it work for them and then here I have the stories and cannot put them down as eloquently as my dear friend.

This is really going nowhere, I just needed to get it out and I figure that is what blogs are I decided to have at it.

I am going to take a stab at this again on Saturday...if I get it to something I like I might start sharing it here and maybe some input from other creatives would help.

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  1. For me, my dearest friend, the words that i write, are feelings that are bottled up... Feelings that i have no one to share them with... So i share them with others...

    However, perhaps i should get them published, but right now, the needs are still between me and the pen..

    Kisses n' Hugss,,,
    i've missed you!