Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life in General

Ah, the last week was interesting to say the least...

We'll start with work...had an employee give her notice that she will be leaving to work with another federal agency. This is actually a good loss because she is not a good employee. I was upset because of how she chose to give her notification, completely skipping her immediate supervisor and me her second line supervisor, but I came to terms with it and told myself, "what did I expect" this is just who she has always been why would it be any different upon her exiting. So, good thoughts on this...we have two vacancies and I am sure we will get two new exceptional people to add to our team. We have also learned who our new chief will be and I am looking forward to working with this person as I have heard good things about her from when she was in Murfeesboro and then for her time in Temple. Wish us luck with our change in leadership that all goes smoothly.

Now, home life...well, last weekend my sister-in-law, whom I have grown closer to in the last year, told us they have secured their accommodations for their summer vacation at the beach on South Padre Island and would like us to join them. What an awesome invitation...we are very excited about the time we get to spend with the family there.

Hubby and I did our regular thing all week. At one point in the week we were reflecting on the fact that we still do not have any children of our own in our life. We got to looking at the foster children that are currently under the protection of the state of Texas. We decided to go to an informational meeting and expo with adoption agencies that was to be held on Saturday. We are now on our way to picking our agency and working toward having a child in our home to share our home and our love with.

For the past couple months I had been having a feeling that my BFFL, whom is like a sister to me, has been lying to me for a better part of a year. I have struggled with this feeling and then Friday her daughter revealed the information that clinched it for me. I was first extremely hurt because I don't understand how you can say you love someone and allow them to give their whole heart to you and then lie to them and for so long. I never really got mad and I guess that is because I some how knew she was lying to me and must have been coming to terms. I guess the hurt was when it was made apparent and then when she would not explain herself to me, and still has not bothered to explain why she felt she had to do such a thing. I have told her I am not mad, just hurt, but that does not seem to make her want to clear the air at all. Maybe she is in denial that she lied...who knows...I really don't know what to think....But I do realize I need to forgive her and move on and so today this was on my mind while I was listening to the pastor at church and I realized I do forgive her, I actually forgave her as soon as I had it confirmed that she had been lying to me. But even with that forgiveness I want to know that so wrong to want an explanation?

And, yes, I went to church today. We had not gone since early summer, late spring. We just are lazy on the Sundays when he is off so we don't often go, but when I do go I feel so good for having participated in the awesome music, the meditation, and the wonderful knowledge that is shared. I still don't really know how I feel about this church, but I am going to keep going as I need a spiritual home and maybe it will grow on me. We really liked the Unity Church of Dallas, but it is so much further. Hubby likes it here and it is not that I don't like it is just that I am not as comfortable as I had been at the other church, but then our old pastors from that church have left and it is not the same there either, that is why we decided we could make the, we'll see how it goes. Just wish I had someone to bring me when he works. Another reason to get my drivers license again I guess...will be working on that soon...stay tuned.


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