Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow in DFW Area

The weatherman said it would not start until later in the day on February 11, 2010. But I woke up to my neighbors car already having an inch of snow. Called my Pop to wish him a happy birthday and he said "How much are you supposed to get?" I answered that they they said 2-3 inches, but that it was not to have started yet so I really don't know. In the DFW and surrounding areas it ranged from 7-19 inches. We got more like 7 or 8 where I live, but that was more than enough. The locals say this has not happened in like 50 years. I took pictures while it was still on the trees. I think that us just so beautiful. By time I got home yesterday it was already off of the trees at it warmed up to 41 yesterday and the sun is out right now so hopefully most of it will be gone before the day is done.

The first four pics below are from the front of the house looking out and the rest are of my back yard. I was so worried about the Crepe Myrtle. You can see it in the picture with the utility shed. The branches usually stick straight up in the air...I was worried they would snap. I am happy to report they did not and it looks normal once again. Third from the bottom you can see at the bottom of the pic is bamboo that is snow laden. Poor Boomer, could not get to the yard the first night to do his business due to the bent over bamboo from all of the snow on it. I tried to show boomer that he could jump off the top step, but he was not having any of that...Glad to report he can now get into his back yard once again.

So, the big snow of 2010 in history once again.

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  1. Oh wow......very, very pretty. And very very quick to leave. I do hope you got to make a snowangel--they're the bestest. Well, that and the dog taking a leap only to turn to look at you like you're the one who betrayed them with the white stuff.

    Short lived as it might have been--I do hope you enjoyed your taste of snow!