Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Six – FaceBook, Twitter etc!

Saturday Six

Name 6 of your favourite social network sites and why?

Well, I use Facebook and Twitter the most.  I like Facebook because it has allowed me to be closer to my family all over the country and to renew some friendships from many years ago.  I use Tweetcaster on my Android phone to post updates and have them update my Facebook.   I follow breaking news on Twitter, Dealsplus, and many other interesting groups and people.

I am also on, is a networking site, but has allowed us to network with my family and for extended family to help us build our family tree.  I am on LinkedIn.  I joined it to connect with other people from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

I also use  I am an avid reader and it has been great to see what other people read and has brought me new authors to read.  I guess my sixth one would be  I have met some good people on there and even joined a kickball league that got me active again.


  1. I am on Shelfari too! I am such a book nut... We are moving and I did not realize how many books I have collected! I am realizing it now that I have to move all those heavy boxes! Look me up on Shelfari.

  2. Holy moly....

    Nope--no facebook.
    Nope--no others.....unless you count the dabbling and exploring and never using. LOL Story of my life!! ;-)