Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday's Tales

Ah, this one works for me.  I have such great memories in my life, but when I want to pull them up my organic hard drive fails me.  I do have one that is a gem though.

Hubby, Pop and I were at the Movie Gallery one Friday night picking out movies to watch for the weekend.  This was a regular thing for us to do together as a family in the early years of my marriage when we still lived in the same state, town, as my parents.  Of course Kerry inevitably fell asleep during the movies and could not remember one week to the next what we rented the week before.  Kerry, "How about this one Pop?" and Pop replies, "We rented that one last week Kerry."  You gotta love it.

But I digress.  This particular night we are looking at movies and I am up close to read one, because I am blind as a bat, and when I stand back, I grab for Kerry's hand, very normal to hold hands, we do it all the time.  Accept, it was not Kerry's hand.  It was some female.  She went off, you would have thought I had some disease and had just given it to her.  I apologized and said I thought my husband was standing beside me, but she would not let it rest.  She thought I was some lesbian and was coming on to her.  Really?  I do not think that is how I would pick up a fem if I was a lesbian...please.  You had to see this lady though...it was "oh, my God, oh, my God" and she just would not stop.  She was hysterical.  Teach me to look before grabbing a hand again...

It was pretty funny really.  My dad could not stop laughing...actually neither he nor Kerry came to my rescue...they stood back watching...and laughing...

So, that is my true tale for this Tuesday....hope you got a laugh out of it too...too bad it was before we had picture phones...lol


  1. What a great little story and it did give me a nice little laugh :) That woman should have gotten over it, I feel bad for you that she made it out to be something it clearly was not.


  2. *laughing* Definitely a bit of drama at the video store!

    <-- will look before grabbing hands now, ty!