Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pre-Op Done...5 Days until Surgery

Yesterday I had my pre-op. It took a lot longer than it was supposed to...2 hrs compared to the 1 I was told it would be by Dr. Kim's office. 

I ordered my Journey Multi-vitamins and Pure Unflavored Whey Protein Isolate from yesterday. And today I ordered a multi-flavored New Whey liquid protein from I should have all these in the house when I get home so I won't have to worry about someone going out and trying to tell them what I want. 

I am excited about the New Whey because it has 42g of protein in a 3.8oz serving. I have read that some people will mix these with sugar free drinks of the same flavor to sip and get the protein throughout the day.

I also went and got my hair cut and colored today so I will feel good about myself that way. My parents will be coming into town from GA next Saturday to be with me that first week. I am so glad. It will take some weight off of hubby since he is always caring for our daughter and then I will need his help a little more to get up from a sitting position, etc. They can help me out and or our daughter. And maybe they can take our daughter to the water park or something.

I went to Bed,Bath and Beyond today to look for an insulated cup with a sipper lid. Found a great cup...did not look at the price...that is what I do when I want something and just don't care...probably should home and saw that it was almost as much as what I spent on six insulated cups with a lid that holds a straw. While I was there I noticed they had lids that were sipper lids that might fit my cups so I bought one to try. The lid fit!! So, hubby is going back to get five more lids. I am going to keep my cup because I like the colors in it, but I won't be buying another one. The lids are 2.99. Much better than 16.99 for a cup. I bought a handle too, that fits on these 24oz cups so that will make it better for me carrying the cup on my commute on the train once I return to work. It has been difficult with my bag and the cup without a handle at times.

So, I think I have things pretty much in order for when I return. I forgot...I also got some EAS Advantage, which I had been drinking before the surgery as my nutritionist said I could have that after surgery also.

Now, come on surgery!! One surgery is scheduled for 2pm!! No, nothing after midnight and no surgery until 2pm??? I love water!! I don't know how to go without it that long, but I know I must...


  1. Down to three!

    <-- hoping for good things

    I'm glad to hear the folks are coming to lend a hand. It's going to be difficult enough with some of the routines of the house. Holy cow, let people help you, I say. Course, I say that and struggle with it myself. LOL

    Hang in there. Sounds like you've got the attitude and the determination. Persevere--good things are bound to happen!

    Thinkin' of you and yours!!

  2. Just wanted to say....I hope all goes well and you have a fast recovery.