Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I will never diet again...

I have gone on and off diets my whole adult life. I was following the Adkins eating plan the longest...lost the most on Weight Watchers...found I was allergic to Nutrisystem foods...and all the time kept this yoyo thing going with my weight...

Well, diet should be how you eat all the time, not just when you are "trying" to lose weight. So, I have dedicated myself to doing just that changing my diet to a healthier way of eating in order for myself and my family to be healthy and live long active lives.

I am actually looking forward to recreating some of my favorite flavors into healthy options. I'll be sharing them on my personal website stephiezone.com once I get an opportunity to cook and eat again. My husband, whom is about 20 lbs heavier than he would like to be, is also looking forward to this change in our life. My daughter, luckily eats just about anything put in front of her and her favorite seems to be veggies and fish, so we are pretty set with her accepting what is put in front of her.

The closer I get to my surgery date and the closer I get to being able to cook again the more excited I get about life...join me...stop the dieting and change your diet for life...


  1. That's IT! You've got it!!!!

    I'm so happy to hear you say it in these terms cuz you GET it!!!

    I had to 'get it' before I got off that insanity merry-go-round...and you GET it!!!!!

    <-- doing happy dance!!!!

  2. I hate dieting & your right, it needs to be a not just a diet but an everyday thing. We liked WW, so we might be going back to that soon but living here in Japan makes it a bit harder to find what we need, but it can be done!