Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Spiritual Life

Yeah, I guess a lot has happened in the last two months.  During the month of August hubby and I attended Wednesday night classes at the Unity Church of Fort Worth and decided to become members during the Membership Cermony and Spiritual Baptism on September 11th.

I also signed up to teach the 2nd-4th graders on the 3rd & 4th Sunday of the month.  I love it.  At first when I signed up I thought I might be getting a job in WV, but then this job I am in now was offered to me the day after I signed up and made a committment to teach through May.  Funny how things work out.  I had to the Youth Director that I did not feel comfortable signing up because I might get that job in WV and she wanted me to sign up any way...and then here comes the job offer that would keep me here.  Amazing, no?

Well, I love teaching the children.  I always have loved teaching those ages.  This year we are teaching virtues. I think that is an excellent subject for children and I love the format of reading them a story, discussing the story, and then doing a project that reflects what they learned in the story.

Sadly right after we joined the church we found out it was in turmoil.  Our whole board stepped down the Sunday after we joined, but we are back on track with a temporary board until the new board is elected in  mid-November.  This spiritual group has a lot of healing to do, but I believe we have some good people in place to help with that.  I don't regret joining them at all. 

I have been to a few things classes and seminars and it seems no matter who you talk to they all say the same thing.  That when they came to the Unity Church of Fort Worth they just felt like they had come home, to their Spiritual Home.  I would have to agree.

Well, enough of my sharing for now...


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  1. Innit funny how the Big Guy works...... ;-)

    I'm glad for you. Finding that 'home' is an awesome and powerful thing. Putting yourself in the community and availing yourself to the youth--awesome!! HUGELY awesome in my book.

    And landing at a time of 'turmoil' and 'turning things over' isn't a bad thing. You get to have a hand in the healing and you get to have an active part in helping re-create a community that you chose to be a part of, even in the face of adversity (known or unknown to you at the time, you chose to remain!). Now THAT-- really IS beyond awesome.

    A room of 2-4 graders?

    You're a Saint! LOLOL