Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Self Belief

I have always thought I was one of those people that believes in myself and has a lot of confidence. But lately I find myself questioning if that has all been a facade. Maybe that is why I no longer feel creative. Maybe I don't believe in my abilities anymore.

If so, when did this change? When did I stop believing in myself? How do I get it back?

I believe I must first search spiritually as I believe self belief is the core of our spiritual self. I have not been giving myself that quiet time to meditate and pray like I used to, so I know I need to start there. I also need to have a positive affirmation that I read and meditate upon each day. But will this help me to completely regain that self confidence that I have lost?

I reflect upon how I used to be so creative and imaginative and do not find that in my life anymore. Everything is so structured and not as fun.

I believe I am optimistic, but find pessimistic thoughts creeping into my brain at times.

So, other than looking within spiritually I know not what else I must do to regain the old me. I just will have to have faith that it will come to me through the meditation and positive affirmations.

I will believe again...

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