Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Always Starting Over

It seems I am always starting over, whether it be getting on track with watching what I eat, exercising, keeping better track of our finances, etc. I think if I could make it three months on any one thing I would be able to change in a way that would improve my whole life.

My problem? I don't have the determination to do any of this. And it is all important. I live such a lackadaisical life. I like living that way, but there has to be some way to be a bit lackadaisical and still stay with these goals that are so important to my life.

So, again today I am recommitting myself to eatting properly and exercising. I do need to keep better track of my finances and this weekend I will sit down and put a spread sheet together to do better with that also.

Here I go again, starting over...I will do it this time, I have to...a woman about to be 39 has to have better control of her life.

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