Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Seven

Name up to seven of the 12 Foods for Every Pantry that you have on hand in your pantry or refrigerator.

Romain Lettuce - well, it is a mix with romain in it.
Eggs - we have them, but not sure how old they are...was wondering about this yesterday
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - I always have this on hand.
Vinegar - I have all types of vinegar, red wine, white wine, balsamic, rice wine, cider, white, etc.
Pasta - I have a few different styles of pasta and all pasta that enters this house is either multi-grain or wheat now.
Canned Tomatoes - I try to always have these in the house because I can always concoct something with them if I don't have anything else planned for dinner.
Parmesan Cheese - this is another item that I always have, it adds a great flavor to salads, pasta and veggie dishes
Onion - another one of those things I always have as onions add great flavor to so many dishes.
Garlic - I am Italian...enough said?


  1. Romaine lettuce--check!
    Brocolli and fresh asparagus--check!
    Extra virgin olive oil--yup, check!
    Vinegar--youbetcha....lotsa different kinds!
    Rice--uh huh!
    Canned 'em.
    Parmesan block cheese.....uhoh...nope but we do have grated. Apparently that doesn't count.
    Chick peas--check!

    NO credit to me, of course....LOL Himself does all the shopping. ;-)

  2. :-( No pasta--disallowed. *sigh*

  3. eggs? Sorry this made me laugh...