Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are you a Kink?

So, a very very dear friend of mine gave me a book to read for my birthday titled "When Somone You Love is Kinky", by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt. Yes, my friend is a kink. We leave a good 500 miles give or take from each other so we only talk on the phone and this aspect of her life is something that she shares with me often. As we have been friends, more like sisters, for over 18 years this is of course one of those topics that we would talk about...our sex life, right? Problem is I don't really relate...for the most part.

Now, my gf does not blog a lot about her sex life as it is out of the mainstream and most kinks tend to keep this part of their life within their kink family. Though it would be nice if they could share it with others in their life and I think this is why she likes to talk to me about it. I am going to be very careful in this blog not to say anything to personal about her or me for that matter. :)

So, I am over half way through this book, which has been very interesting, but truthfully nothing I did not already know. As I said, I have known this person for over 18 years, even though her kinky self only came to light in the last 6 or 7 years of our relationship it does not mean I don't know her nor that I have not been paying attention. But what has occured to me as I have read this book is that I trully believe that there is some kink in all of us. The question is who is willing to admit it freely to their loved ones and neighbors? Well, I am. I really don't care what people think of me and I find blogging to be so freeing, regardless who reads what I write. So, without detail, other than to say, I have not tried much kinky stuffage...I am here to say I have a kinky person hiding inside of me question....will I ever let it out? Who knows...I don't even know if this is the time to figure that out...I am monogomous and plan to stay that way, so it will depend on hubby on whether or not he will ever admit that he has a kinky side and is willing to play...

So, know who you are and it is up to you whether you want others to realize on here, but I want to thank you for the really made me think and examine myself also...well, my head....not my body...LOL...luvs you!!


  1. As long as you've known your "Sister" i am sure it's not hard, thou' at times i am sure it is hard for her to explain some of her kink, in realizing that she and can very well be not accepted. Acceptance is a big key to WIITWD (What it is that We Do).. And when they are freely accepted for who they are on the inside, that is when the intimacy comes pouring out. i am glad that she has found such a friend in you.

    ;-) love you..


  2. I think I am a bit too kinky for Russell! He needs to loosen up. Haha....I know he won't be reading this or probably anyone else I know. I did get him to try some stuff he never did before. I am a Scorpio and what they say about us is true. :)