Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Word Wednesday.

This week's words:

break, negative, surface

I had a meeting with the employees in the payroll section today.  I am their second line supervisor, but I might as well be first line.  Their supervisor is a great person, just not supervisor material.  That is a whole other story in itself and I really can't put it in writing as I could cause problems.

So, when I have these meetings one of the things I am always striving for is to break the negative thinking that permeates the payroll section.  Today when I broached one topic one of the more senior techs huffed, but then she said something to the fact of, can "we" come up with a plan, I mean, will you be open to us coming up with a plan.  I smiled, a big smile, and said of course.  I would love nothing more than for you to all work together to come up with a plan. 

It may only be a little scratch on the surface of the negative thinking, but I have high hopes that the fact that they have asked to come up with a plan will cause them to come together as a team and be more positive about the work itself.


  1. Its always better to work together as most other times you end up working against each other. I do hope they get a good plan and stick to it.

  2. Lets hope that teamwork will instill team spirit as well.

  3. You're much more tolerant then I am. I couldn't supervise people...I like being left to my work too much.

  4. change is hard on people, but needed.

  5. Made me smile--ownership for the problem and the plan brings greater results.
    Even though she huffed a bit--it's good they wanted to develop their own plan.