Monday, November 15, 2010

Prayers and Positive Thoughts!

Okay, I have not talked much about this, but I did have a post on my site a few months ago with her picture.  Since January we have been taking classes and working toward adopting a little girl here in Texas.  Her name is Izza and we saw her picture on the T.A.R.E. website here in Texas back in January.  Her brief bio was enough for us to know we wanted to adopt her.  She has Cerebral Palsy (CP) and based on what they said about her it appeared her disabilities from the were similar to my hubbies disabilities from his CP so we felt we had the skills and knowledge to help this little girl lead a happy productive life even though we have never been parents. We decided to go to an informational meeting and the next week we picked the agency we wanted to attend classes through and have as our agency for fostering and adoption.  The next week we attended our first class and then in July we were certified to be foster parents.  We were told at the informational meeting in January that any child on the T.A.R.E. website would not be available once we were all licensed, but by some miracle Izza was still there.  Our case worker submitted our packet to her case worker for us to adopt Izza, but what our case worker did not tell us is that she received notice that Izza was already in adoption placement...instead our caseworker prayed on it for three days...and sadly for Izza, that adoption placement fell apart as that family lost their licence and came under investigation, for what I have no clue, but from what I know Izza was not hurt in anyway.  So, Izza was again available for adoption and we were moving forward.  It has now been four and half months and we are awaiting a final item before we can bring Izza into our home.  On November 3, 2010 the judge gave us permission to take Izza out of town for we are waiting to welcome her to our home and our family.

We are asking that you keep us and Izza in your positive thoughts and prayers in order that we get to meet her and bring her home this weekend...

Thanks in advance for all of your loving prayers and positive thoughts!!


  1. I am sending my prayers to you!! Adoption is wonderful!! I am adopted, so I thank you for doing this for this beautiful little girl.

  2. Many prayers sent your way! This is so exciting and I hope it all goes as you plan. She will have a wonderful home with you :) Hugs!

  3. Okay.....NOW I'm tearful. They're good tears--celebratory, tears of thanksgiving. I know how difficult it is for these kiddos to have an opportunity for a loving family. And I'm just thrilled for her--and for you.
    No matter what the circumstances were for the prior folks, that experience had to be so difficult for more time to be close and to have that suddenly gone....
    Oh, please, please, please.....

    Don't mind me--that's just me begging the Big Guy for a different life for this child.
    I know it's His will that'll be done....but I'm so wanting for the kiddo for that to be soon so her little heart can know lasting, loving relationships.
    (YES I'll pray!)

    Don't you find it amazing how this has all woven together......because of her?
    No matter the outcome--THAT speaks of her ability to change lives already.