Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

This is perfect timing. I am in Hobbs, NM spending time with family, a long over due visit that I am so thankful that we finally made.

So, the 10 things I like doing on vacation:

1. Sleep In

2. Relax with Family

3. Cook out

4. Sleep In

5. Play games with Family

6. Take pictures (mostly of family)

7. Eat out a bit

8. Go to the beach if it is that type of vacation

9. Site seeing if it is that type of vacation

10. Sleep In


  1. lol.. Sleep in till when?.. You know you said that THREE times.. Hope you are getting plenty of R n' R.. Miss ya bunches!

    Y'all be safe!


  2. Gee.

    I think you like sleeping in?


    I was hoping beach time made the list!
    After, of course...sleeping in! LOL

  3. Lucky you being in New Mexico. :) I'm going for a couple of days next month but just to get some stuff that I have there. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your trip.

  4. I am a "few" miles north of you...stuck in Denver awaiting a load to be loaded tonight.

    As far as vacation...I agree sleeping is good...but staying up late is better!

    Someday I will take another vacation....but it will be awhile.

  5. We stayed up late and slept until 8am or 9am...that is definitely sleeping in for me...Sorry, no beach this time around.