Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Mind Hump

Look around you and name everything you can see that's green This one is good for me since my brain is fried today...but I think I can still tell what is green and what is not...

1. Green Marker

2. Spy Sweeper box

3. Fuze drink bottle

4. The receipt from Time Warner when they installed the cable et al.

5. Philadelphia Eagles Football

6. My stamp collection book

7. My stuffed Frog

8. My stuffed Philly Fanatic

9. My stuffed kissing frogs

10. And another stuffed frog...
yes, I have a bunch of stuffed animals...if this would have been about blue I could have told you about all of my Eeyores...
11. My goddess figurine that holds a candle

12. The perfume bottle on my large orange kitty figurine

13. Oooh, ooh, and the grass on my little Eeyore snowglobe...yeah I got to mention Eeyore...

Okay, I think that is it...oops, more thing...the table cloth on the table that I have my printer and another shelf sitting on... And I did wear green yesterday...though the day before I was thinking I had nothing to wear... Hugs to you all...


  1. What a great collection of green things!


  2. Dang. How does one 'miss' St. Patrick's Day?

    (you forgot the monitor screenshot, which, by the way is very nice!)