Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I wish I could say that today had been uneventful....but when hubby went out to start up the car he found the passenger side window busted in and our stereo and all of it's components ripped out of the car.

Talk about feeling violated.

I look back and know it could have been avoided. We had stopped pulling the face plate off and had we still done that they would not have taken it because it would not have done them any good. We had not gotten to the garage to figure out what to do with that stuff yet so we were not parking in the garage.

But then I come back to...who the hell do they think they are...what gives them the right...

Kerry had that system put in with money he inherited, so it was more to him than just a car stereo. This was something his mother gave him. He is very drained was a rough day with insurance adjusters, rentals, and looking into getting a security alarm in the house.

Thankfully we don't have to cancel our trip to New Mexico to visit my sister-in-law and her family. He wanted to, but I told him one we can't let idiots ruin our fun and dictate our life and two with this move and now this I so need this time away from my everyday life. So the rental place said we could take the vehicle out of state and we have unlimited miles...yeah!!! I am so looking forward to meeting my nieces and nephew. Dori and Dan adopted them four or five years ago and we have not had an opportunity to get out to see them since then. The trip is long over due and it was killing me to think we might have to cancel.

So, I ended up not getting as much done at work as I would have liked...Kerry kept calling about things and then of course idiot customers. But tomorrow is another day and we'll just see how it goes...


  1. Sorry to hear that your vehicle was burglarized. The person who did it may not be caught but I hope that Karma returns the favor to them big time!

  2. Oh geeze......

    I am so sorry.
    Having had an incident of my home being broke in to, I know that 'violated' feeling.


    The good news is the trip is still on. And what joy it will bring--all the way around.

  3. I am so sorry that happened to you. We have a lot of vandalism where I park my car for the train. I always report it when I see it, but I never see it happen. I just ask WHY? Why do people do it?!

  4. Now, you know my take on this, i'm so sorry that this happened to y'all... Thankfully you have full coverage, and things will/are getting taken care of. But, the main thing that bothers me, and you know how this has affected me...

    They stole what Kerry got from his Mother, that right there pulls on the heart strings as well as just pisses me the heck off...

    i hope they get there just deserves, remember it all comes back.. 10 fold...

    kisses, and i hope you have a better day today...
    Love you,

  5. Reading of your feelings about this resonate with a similar experience in my past! We never recovered what was lost but the feeling of violation eventually passed.
    Hugs and blessings,