Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Not Friday Yet?

OMG, this has been an amazingly stressful and busy week. I thought yesterday was Friday!

And here I am finishing up Thursday and still thinking that this work week is just to long and who the hell decided that we need to work 5 days a week?

I mean, what is wrong with four 8 hour days and a 3 day weekend. Prices would have to adjust due to people making less money, but we would probably have happier healthier people. I think our body needs three days to recoup from the stress many of us experience at work.

Think about it...right now you get off on Saturday and are so tired sometimes you just want to veg and then you don't get anything done at the house and then on Sunday you HAVE to take care of the house and get things ready for work the next day, such as personal grooming and all...and then wham, back at work on Monday. Would not it be nice to have Friday to Veg, Saturday to do stuff, and Sunday to slows get ready for the work week again? So, should we start a letter campaign to the surgeon general about this? Sure, like corporate America would change it's work week...but it is a nice dream...and of course we know things that make sense never are our reality.

Well, I plan to veg on Saturday...might try to sleep in...and I'll stare at some boxes...thinking I should be unpacking them...long enough for hubby to get home from work...then hopefully the weather will be nice...and we can sit out on the back porch...which has been my saving grace each evening this week...accept for got colder and very windy...and maybe grill something...and then I'll work a little on Sunday around here...and get ready for my work week...Saturday is supposed to be 82...don't that sound great?

Hugs to all...Blessed Be


  1. 82 does sound good! i'm so needing some spring weather,, but we've got chilly temps and all this rain!...

    3 days would be nice... my signature would be right after yours!


  2. I consider myself lucky if I get two days off in a row. I'd love to have every weekend off and that 3 day weekend sounds very restful. Like you I'd have a day to rest, a day to work around the house and then probably a day to be creative and work on projects. Sometimes I forget what day of the week it is because my days are different every week.

  3. My staff do work four day weeks--but they're longer, ten hour days.
    NOT that it solves anything.

    And me?
    Well, five days--60 hours at the worksite, easily.
    I'm such a slow learner.......

  4. Did you have a relaxing Saturday? I hate those weekends where I am so busy, I feel like I didn't have a weekend.

    At my office, we work 8 9-hour days and one 8-hour day so that we get every other Friday off. It works nicely. I always feel more relaxed those weekends.