Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Seven

Name the seven listed potential side businesses you’d be most likely to seriously consider to raise extra income.

1. Antique refurbishment - this is actually one hubby and I have talked about.
Furniture making - this kind of goes with the first one for us so we talked about it also.
Handy man services - hubby is a maintenance man so this goes without say that we could do this together...we make a good team.
Jewelry making - I have seriously thought about this, but I never seem to make the pieces for myself that I want to would I ever find time to make pieces to make money.
Scrapbook making - this is something I thought about doing years ago...I would do it...but this is another one that I never even seem to get to my own, let alone others.
Web site design - my hubby actually has someone that wants me to do this for them right now.
Housecleaning - this is my last choice...I used to clean apartments when I was first married for extra income. I would do this again if I had to...but it is not something I care to do.

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