Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TMI Tuesday

1. Marriage and children aside, what has been your greatest accomplishment in life?

My greatest accomplishment is actually reaching the position I have reached without having any education of significance. I have become a go to person in our agency across the nation in my area of expertise.

2. Aside from healthy and happy children, what is your greatest ambition for the future?

Mmm, that is a hard one...ambition? I really, really want to retire from the federal govt in 10 years and become a teacher. Never having had children I have this huge need to leave a mark some how and being a teacher helping children to see their potential just seems the way to do that for me.

3. If we were to enter your real name in a search engine, what would we find?

Well there is at least one other person that I know of with my name, my married name that is...So, about the real me you would probably find a book review or two that I did on Amazon.com. You might find my MySpace page.

4. Who is the most famous person you ever met (not just in the same room as, but actually spoke with)?

Me? No one...my hubby? He met Tom Hanks when he worked at Walter Reed...kewl huh?

5. Parents aside, who is your biggest hero?

My husband of course. He has cerebal palsy, which has strongly affected his ability to read and write, count money and have any sense of time (this part kills me the most), but yet he has accomplished things that he never thought he would be able to and he is not done. He has so many dreams for himself and we stive all the time to figure out ways to help him accomplish those dreams and ambitions. So, yes, hubby is my hero and that will never change.

6. Someone once worked out the sexual version of Six Degrees of Separation - Celebrity A slept with B, who slept with C, who slept with D, making as sort of connection between A and D. Are you connected to anyone famous through six or fewer bonks?

I don't know...but I pretty much doubt it...

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  1. I find myself very proud for you and very proud for your hubby.
    Great things happen for those who persevere!