Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 28 → What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

Well, considering that I am 41 and have never been pregnant I think the chances are highly unlikely, but if I were to find myself pregnant at this stage in life I think I would have a really good cry...and then I would be ecstatic. 

The cry would be because somewhere I must have really messed up to now have to raise a baby at this age and I will be ready for retirement when that child is going into college. 

The ecstatic of course because we have always wanted a baby, but have not been able to have one, hence the reason we are now adopting.

We would both trully be happy to have a baby, but mentally I am not prepared for a baby.  When we went into the adoption process we agreed, no babies and no toddlers.  We just feel that we are past wanting to do deal with what comes with those ages.  I know we could handle it, but if we have a choice at this stage in our life we would rather  not.

If I were to become pregnant, well...then my choice is gone...LOL 


  1. That is very honest!

  2. Wow--I appreciate the candor.

    And if it were me?
    Wellllllll.....I'D be asking whose test they'd confused MINE with cuz that just ain't clinically POSSIBLE. LOL

  3. Hey. Adoption is cool. I am adopted. I do understand about finding yourself pregnant now. I am 36 and while I think I could still handle it, I am not sure.