Monday, January 3, 2011

What a Day, What a Day

The data I needed for the report I needed to provide to HR was not on my desk this I got cranky and sent a message to the employees supervisor and told her to counsel of the employees who were delinquent and document for their performance appraisals.  I am so tired of being the nice guy and being taken advantage of on a regular basis.

I get a call this morning and hubby says that our daughter took forever to get ready this morning...she kept playing instead of getting dressed.  She was almost late for school.  So...tomorrow she will get dressed in the bathroom...And she had her LeapFrog and other toys in her backpack after I told her not to take toys to school...batting .1000 here.

Then I get a call from our HR Chief that mysteriously resigned last week.  Well, guess I should not go into that here...

Tonight was better.  My daughter and I started reading The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls (American Girl Library) tonight.  It is difficult enough for a mom to talk to her daughter about all of the changes her body is going through.  It is even more difficult when you have a daughter about to be 12, but her cognitive level is  more like 5.  The hope is that the book will help me bet the points across.

So, let's hope for a better day tomorrow.  No work, but a meeting with the Special Ed people at the school.  I am actually looking forward to it...let's hope it turns out great for our little girl.


  1. Oh, I look at the header and I think 'This is a great start on that new soul!'. ;-)
    No one said the 'new soul' was an easy path!
    It'll be filled with all sorts of adventures and challenges...the trick is to remember they're all adventures.

    Gosh--how could she NOT wanna take all her goodies to school to show 'em off!

  2. And that was the exact reason she show her friends...she trully is a sweet heart...

  3. Sounds like you had a day that was not fun at all! Kids are funny, my sibiling used to try and take toys to school, especially after Christmas time. Hugs :)