Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Message Bible - MSG - Online Study Tools

The Message Bible - MSG - Online Study Tools

Reading the bible has not always been one of my favorite things. I get bored very easily, especially if I am reading the King James Version. I also have the New International Version and it is a little better, but it still does not really work for me.

On Sunday Rev. Paul read the "Our Father" out of The Message Bible and I really enjoyed how that prayer was depicted in that bible. I will definitely be looking for that version to have hard copy, but it was great to find it online also.

I think the way this version is written I will be able to actually stay interested and maybe read the whole thing this time. I am actually excited about that as I have always wanted to read the whole bible, even started a few times, but could not stick with it.

Check it out...share your thoughts...


  1. Well, I've saved the link--and after more coffee and a chunk of the day, I'll go for a look/see.

    I've gone through the King James version multiple times and do 'okay'--but boy does that dictionary come in handy. LOL

  2. That bible looks like one I might like to read.
    Should tell you I used to attend Unity. It's been about ten years though. I learned a lot there... the Divinity of Man was an eye opener. Now I am very interested in the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. I've read his autobiography and have begun reading the Second Coming of Christ which is an interpretation of the New Testament. The similarity for me between Unity and Yogananda's teachings is that something has been lost in translation and there's much more to "all this". I like meditating too the way he teaches.. develops peace and spirituality.