Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mindful @ Work?

At church on Sunday Rev. Paul talked about being mindful...it has been the theme all month, but this is the first time I went for the month...can't wait until the other Sunday talks are put online so I can listen to them. 

So, I am sitting here...got to work 30 mins early since our train was there in time to catch the 6:33 DART.  I like getting to work that early...it gives me time for me...I was sitting here with my time just thinking...I do that way to much...but anyway, I was reflecting on what Rev. Paul had talked about and was wondering how I can be mindful in a job that can be so hectic and draining.  Do I take mini breaks to recenter myself?  How do you keep other peoples junk at work from getting in your head? 

I don't have the answers, but I am going to start working toward this and look for some books that might help.  I really think if I could be more mindful at work I would be happier and a better manager.  I have a lot of employees that depend on me and I just don't feel I give them all they need and I am sure part of that is that I am not mindful enough at work.

So, stay tuned...I'll share my insights over the next weeks...

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  1. Well, I'll be paying attention!

    It's that being present in the moment stuff--I love the photo of the puppy above, bytheway!

    Sometimes I get lost midway through a sentence cuz someone else's managed to get my attention--which is aggrivating for everyone, me included. Just being present for me and for those who are around me is a huge deal (kinda like what I posted earlier, huh).

    We have a philosophy at the worksite--some days we're better at it than others. 'Play. Make someone's day. Be present. Choose your attitude.'
    Simple strategies for a happier workplace.
    And it sure does make life interesting!


    There's FISH! :-)
    It's short, simple, easily implemented.
    And FUN!