Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life Unscripted

I think up to now I have been kind of living by a script...my days were pretty normal, for me that is, and probably pretty boring.  Now with a child in my life I do not have as much time for myself and I seem to have less time to blog than I was having before...well, before I think I was more or less...mostly more, being lazy.

Our child is a hand full.  Her special needs get in the way of her listening to insructions and following them, of her staying focused on a task, or  her remembering simple things.  I have so much to learn and want to know.  We both get frustrated with each other at times, but I think over all everything is going well.  The good times out weigh the bad and we do not regret bringing her into our lives.

I can't wait for the adoption to be final so that I can share some pictures with you.

We spent the weekend with my in-laws and she had a very good time with her cousins, whom are also adopted and understand what she is going through.  It was nice to spend time with family and for her to feel a part of a larger family, not just hubby and I.  She was really well behaved for the most part, which made our time more enjoyable.

Now back to school, which she informs me she does not like because some kid made fun of her.  Well, he did not make fun of her, but that is her take on it.  He told her to stop picking her nose and to wash her hands because that is what they are taught at the school.  I tell her the same thing all of the time so I told her if she would stop picking her nose than he would not have anything to say to her then.  So, she is happy that it is a short week.  I hope she decides to like school again though as it do believe it makes a difference in how well a child does.  I think she  may also not like it because they are also  making her learn something here, where her previous school really did not.

Well, back to work...just thought I would get this done while I was thinking about it.  I will try to catch up on other peoples through the day and tonight at home if I get a chance.


  1. Sounds like you are a busy woman! I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering if everything was alright. I cant wait to see some pictures and stuff :) Hugs!!


  2. Ah the joys of children. *laughing* Nose picking happens. Simple solutions are the easiest. Though I'm sure she did feel picked on.....poor thing. Chocolate chip cookies should take care of that! ;-)

    Actually, my kiddos were never very fond of chocolate chip--they liked those darn rice krispie bars with chocolate on the top of 'em. WHY......dunno... Yes, they're strange kiddos. LOL

    A day at a time.....you're right--it is a massive life change but soooo worth it!