Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back in Business...

Well, I have been a bit under the weather the past few days and have not gotten on the PC at night...It has been early to bed for me. The first couple nights I took NyQuil to make sure I got a good nights sleep and my symptoms would not bother me, but last night after having talked to a nurse with the place I get my mail order prescriptions for my asthma I decided not to take the NyQuil because it has an antihistamine in it...well, I ended up not sleeping well. The nurse had suggested that I not take the antihistamine because it appears from what is going on with me that I have a sinus infection, which was some how brought on I believe by freezing in my office a couple days this week...I have a heater now...that won't happen again. So, I told my mom about this this morning and she suggest that taking the antihistamine at night should not be that bad a thing as long as I am not taking it the rest of the day...this way hopefully my sinuses will not get dried out and have a dry cavity or whatever they call it. So, I just took my NyQuil so I won't be up very long. I just wanted everyone to know I had not abandoned my blog.

I also am missing reading your blogs so hopefully while I watch some football tomorrow, while I rap gifts, I will hopefully have a chance to read the blogs I follow.

Hugs to everyone....


  1. Wow.

    Sinus infections are no fun....
    I'll hope for things to be lookin' better for you today.

    *sending healing thoughts*


    OMGosh....wonder if I already missed the Packers. LOL
    <-- bit braindead

  2. Feel better soon! My blog is the first thing I abandon when I get sick. I had an awful cold last week, and right now, have 400 unread items in google reader. AHH!!!