Monday, December 1, 2008


My wonderful husband and I went to Memphis on Friday. We started out a little late so we did not get to Graceland on Friday like we planned, but we did make it there on Saturday. So, on Friday we checked into the hotel room and then went down to Beale St. We ate at Alfred's on Beale. The food was really good. We did not stay late enough for the live music as we were pretty tired, but we did hear some good jazz as we walked down Beale St.

We had a great time...we went through the parts of the Mansion that Elvis would have allowed guests in when he was alive, his trophy room, Vernon's office, the auto museum, Sincerely Elvis, and the air plan named Lisa Marie. It took us 3 hours and I was pooped when we were done. I took over 200 pictures. I'll share just a few here.

The Mansion at Night

Elvis' living room.

The Jungle Room

One of the many outfits on display.

If you want you can see more you can check out my flickr pictures. I did not put them all up, one reason is the free account has limits. But there is a good sampling.


  1. What a fun adventure! And what a nice way to spend your time on a holiday weekend. (Maybe it wasn't so packed?)

    I did chuckle over the white tree. I wonder if it had the revolving light that make the tree change colours.
    But oh MY what pretty stained glass.....

  2. Mmmmmm,, digging the leather outfit, he wore that on tour... the one they did on TV..

    forgot the name of the tour thou'..

    Hugsssssss, you,, glad you two had a good time!