Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Travel :: I love to travel. I don't like flying, but I like the going to a place and enjoying it, learning about it and seeing and experiencing new things.

  2. Expensive :: I love expensive hotels. Who doesn't? They have the best sheets and tons of pillows, down comforters, and fluffy beds.

  3. Backspace :: Other than a key on the keyboard this word just does nothing for me. I knew where it is without thinking...use it often when I am blogging...

  4. Traffic noise :: Traffic noise gets on my last nerve. I hate it...I don't know how big city residents live with this all the time.

  5. Now see here :: This sounds like something someone would say when their upset or trying to make a point. Kind of old fashioned, huh?

  6. Vegetables :: I love vegetables. All kinds and fixed all different ways, but my favorite way is grilled.

  7. Chat :: I used to go into AOL Chat rooms back in the day when AOL was all the rage. Gosh, that seems like a life time ago and boy that is something I would never do now.

  8. Your calling :: I am 19 years into my career and I still don't know. The last year I believe I have a calling to teach.

  9. Weekly :: Blank...just totally blank on this one. I guess I can say I miss my weekly visit with my parents on Sundays when I lived near them. I really, really miss that. I would so prefer to see them once a week then once ever few months for a week.

  10. Oh! :: Oh! nothing...I got nothin'


  1. Great mutterings! First time? I love it!!! Between you and me, I think it's so much more fun when people give more than 1-word answers. I had a few this week but sometimes it happens... usually I love to expand and have fun. I hope you'll do Mutterings again as I'd like to occasionally read yours! Take Care, God Bless, Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Oh what fun!

    Word association tends to get me into trouble, though. :-)
    It's rare that folks who know me actually want me to say the first thought that comes to mind. They've gotten smart like that. LOL

  3. Hi!
    Great Mutterings! I don't like traffic noise either. Keeps me awake some nights. Have a great Sunday.


  4. I'm so honored that you are obsessed with mt site!

  5. I also hate trffic noise!

  6. Where you doing this when we were on the phone?... When we were talking about how we come such a long way in Computers?

    i remember those AOL chat rooms.. boy do

    And,, once again.. No peas... those poor things.. ;-)