Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Special

~The Holidays ~ Do You Prefer?~

1. Holiday Shopping in Stores or Online?

I do as much of my holiday shopping online as possible. I been doing this for about 5 years now. I hate the stores and can't stand going to the mall.

2. Holiday Parades or Football?

I prefer football. I get energized and really into any game I watch. Since I play fantasy football I have other reasons to watch also...I need to see how my guys are doing...

3. Holidays at Home or Visiting Others?

Well, I prefer to stay home, but it seems like we are always required to travel since we are the ones without children. When we do have to stay home due to not being able to get off from work we are made to feel guilty by the family we were unable to go visit.

4. Holiday Parties or Family Gatherings?

I prefer a family gathering to a holiday party. I just rather be with my loved when then just people I know. The only thing is family can be a bit boring and not willing to do new things...where parties can be more fun/exciting.


  1. On line shopping totally rocks!!! I do as much as possible as well. I worked in a mall for 3 years and Walmart at Christmas, so I hate going into stores!!!

  2. Yeah, but get together's with your family is always a hoot!

    Just think, of the past memories,, Dad wouldn't have had to get rid of the

    Hugs n' Kisses, and i can't wait to see you!

    And get Mom the leopard Print Scarf.. lol Dad might wear it!

    Love you!

  3. Okay, okay, OKAY--I'm gonna LEARN to do online shopping!

    <-- does NOT like shopping