Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Question

Do you save your favorite thing on your plate for last or eat it first? In essence, do you “save the best for last”?

For the most part yes....I will take little nibbles of my favorite thing while I am working on finishing up the least favorite items. But I save the bulk of the favorite item until last. I like to have a little of everything as I go, that is why I nibble. But since it is my favorite thing I want to really, really enjoy it so I leave most of it until last.

The blog that was posted with this question stated that..."People who ate the favorite dish last were likely the oldest or an only child." I am the oldest, but I don't think this applies because there were just two of us and there was always plenty of food so I know it was not that I felt there would be plenty left for me to enjoy it later. I just wanted that to be the last thing to touch my taste buds.


  1. Nice Snow Pictures! can keep the snow, I don't wan't any.

    As for do I eat my favorite thing first or last? Like you I nibble...a little bit of this...a little bit of that. Now my weird bf on the other hand has a weird way of thing at a time and it's usually the meat first. I asked him once why he does this and he said cause he don't like the flavors mixing. Weird guy.

  2. Ohhhh nooooooooo, contraire'--I eat the bestest first! (the veggies, of course)
    That way, when I'm full, it's the ucky stuff that's left over. (the meats.....ackkkkk.....)

    <-- youngest child