Friday, February 6, 2009

Living the Crazy Life

I want to let you all know that I will have days this month and next when I won't be posting for long spans of time. With getting ready to move to Texas...Oh, did I tell you it was official? Yes, we are moving to Texas effective March 1, 2009. I feel like I am going home and I never thought I would consider Texas home. The funny thing is that when my husband and I were engaged in 1991 and he left for Texas, for reasons that are a much longer story than I care to go into right now, we actually talked a bit about me moving out there and making a life there. It did not come to be, but it is now. Is that not wild. Who would have thunk it?

We are leaving tomorrow to see some rental places there and hopefully have something pretty much lined up when we get there. We may have a week or two in temporary quarters, but it should not be long. At least we hope not. But then you never know.

Then next week I am hoping by the end of the week the moving company comes to do their assessment.

The next week I have three dental points I am trying to squeeze in before I lose my Flexible Spending Account money from last year.

And then the next week we will be finishing preparing for the movers who I plan to have here on the 26th, then clean the house on the 27th and out of here on the 28th. I imagine next week we will start taking stuff off the walls. We pretty much went through boxes again when we moved here and got rid of a lot of stuff. I need to go through stuff on my desk again, but that should be done next weekend while hubby is at work.

It all seems to move so fast once it starts.

So, I have not had time to read blogs, but I plan to make time in the evenings this weekend at the hotel if we have internet service. Otherwise it will have to wait until Sunday afternoon. I wish I could see them on my Palm like cell phone, but they just don't come up well on there. So, I'll have to get to them later. So, don't think I forgot about you, I have not and I miss reading what is going on with everyone and some of the witty items posted by you.

Hugs to everyone and I'll blog with you soon...LOL


  1. Yay! A new adventure for you! I lived in Texas for a few years. I did not care for the area we lived in but had no choice since we are military. I wish you much luck :)

  2. Ohhhhhhh...congratulations!
    Holy buckets....when you decide, you DECIDE!

    That's a really good thing--I should have that going for me.
    Here's to an organized move. And we'll hope for Texas to give you lots of fun opportunities.

  3. Wow ... an adventure for sure! Best wishes on this BIG change for you and your family.
    Hugs and blessings,