Monday, February 23, 2009

Move Week

Okay, so this is the week that the packers come and all that good stuff. Well, not so good of a start...I started feeling ill on Friday on our way to Texas to drop off the pets at the vet for boarding during all of this fun and to look at some rental properties. By Saturday afternoon it was full blown sick. As of yesterday afternoon hubby is sick also. We have an appt at 2:30pm so hopefully the doc can give us something to help with the symptoms while we are working on getting rid of whatever it is because we have so much to do and feel to miserable to do a darn thing right now...and looking at the rentals? Still have not found a place to I will not be on here much...Wed night we'll be in a hotel room, maybe I can catch up then...


  1. Hope you felt somewhat better today... Did you get the movers to postpone the one day?



  2. Oh, I do hope that the both of you are feeling better.
    Silly blogger wouldn't let me comment--but I've been hoping for great things with all this moving stuff that's going on for you....